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A great advantage you can get from my 30+ full-time investor journey and GeoInvesting’s 15 year history (and counting) is a wealth of case study history we can bring you to help you identify great stocks and lessons learned. These new case studies will be able to help you across the entire market cap spectrum by letting you know what type of set ups and catalysts routinely arise in multibaggers. ~Maj Soueidan

Navigating Market Volatility: Unveiling the Success of Our Buy-On-Pullback Strategies

As you may know, on November 16 2023 at 2pm, we hosted a webinar about our contrarian or Buy On Pullback strategy to take advantage of volatility in stock prices, seeking to buy stocks that fall...

Iec Electronics Corp. (IEC) Case Study – A CEO’s Simple Formula for Success Produces ‘Nothing But Net’

IEC Electronics (Nasdaq:IEC) came into our crosshairs in January of 2018.  We started covering the company at around $6 a share. This is a classic case study of betting on a jockey - betting on...

Rand Worldwide: Not A Microcap Anymore

I cover this concept in a video case study of RWWI below. I also cover two other multi-bagger factors that led to the RWWI impressive performance and go over the concept of what a BigCapMicro isand...

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