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We invite seasoned investors to GeoInvesting to explore a variety of investing strategies and compare notes in an attempt to gauge where our philosophies intersect. By engaging in conversations with them, you can gain access to unique perspectives, time-tested techniques, and real-world lessons that textbooks and courses often cannot offer.

Tobias Carlisle, Founder of The Acquirer's Multiple
Ryan Telford, Quant Investor/Researcher
Scott Weis, President & CEO of Semco Capital
Paul T., Special Situations Investor
Sam Namiri, Ridgewood Investments Portfolio Manager
Quim Abril, Founder of Draco Global
Deep Sail CEO & Long/Short Fund Portfolio Manager
Vittorio Bertolini, Value Investor and Co-founder of Coinfolio Capital
Tim Heitman, Private/Full Time Investor

Portfolio Manager Sam Namiri Perspectives on 4 Stocks He is Following [GeoWire Weekly No. 101]

On September 7, 2023, Ridgewood Investments Portfolio Manager Sam Namiri joined me for an Investor Insights Skull Session, where we delved deep into the realm of microcap investing, shedding light on...

Part Time Investor & Writer on Value in Special Situations [GeoWire No 99]

GeoInvesting’s Skull Sessions continue with Investor Insights featuring a part time special situations investor/financial analyst. Paul is a former Constellation Software employee, a Joel Greenblatt...

Full Time Investor Tim Heitman Trades Investment Stories and Strategies with Maj Soueidan [Weekly GeoWire No 98] [Video]

Last week, had a Skull Session/Investor Insights session with Tim Heitman, an investor of over 40 years who transitioned from investing in larger companies to focusing on micro and nano caps. His...

Microcap Fund manager Reveals His Top Pick | Contributor Pitch [Video]

I am fairly active on Twitter, looking for great educational and investment strategies, as well as stock pitches that seem interesting. I recently came across the founder of an investment management...

How Quant Investor Ryan Telford Achieved 40% CAGR in Microcaps [GeoWire Weekly 94]

On July 14, 2023, I had a marathon conversation with full-time investor Ryan Telford, during which we discussed quantitative investing strategies, insights into microcap and nanocap stocks, and delved...
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