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On September 7, 2023, Ridgewood Investments Portfolio Manager Sam Namiri joined me for an Investor Insights Skull Session.

We delved deep into the realm of microcap investing, shedding light on Sam’s personal journey and the intricacies of his investment approach. We discussed the significance of networks and conferences in sourcing investment opportunities, highlighting the value of trade shows as fertile grounds for gaining insights.

I originally met Sam on the conference call circuit a few years ago at the LD Micro and the Planet Microcap events. We always talked about getting together and chatting about our investing process and stocks, so I’m glad we finally got to do this after a few years of just talking about it.

We focused on the qualitative assessment of businesses in investing. Sam emphasizes the challenge of evaluating the quality of microcap companies, particularly their revenue sustainability, customer stickiness, and the existence of competitive moats.

He discusses the need to assess a company’s potential for substantial growth and distinguishes between businesses with strong growth potential and those that are merely stable. 

During our conversation, Sam shared intriguing anecdotes about his experiences with four particular stocks. Below, you’ll find brief descriptions of each of these stories.

One of the stocks, Celsius Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CELH), operates in the same industry as a microcap that we just added to our Model Portfolio. We highlighted the company via a pitch on August 11, 2023, in which we obviously want to see a similar long term path as happened with Celsius.

Check out the pitch here!

But before we get into the discussion on the 4 stocks, please meet Sam. He first shares his background with us and what brought him to where he is today at Ridgewood. He mentions his upbringing in Santa Monica, his experience in the public school system with some notable classmates, and his early interest in investing, particularly in microcap stocks. He credits a high school acquaintance for introducing him to microcap investing.

After high school, Sam attended UC Berkeley, where he studied engineering but always had an interest in business. During college, he started a jewelry business, initially selling online and on eBay. Over time, he expanded the business to include a TV show and contracted manufacturing with Chinese companies.

4 Stocks Sam Is Following…

Keep Watching Below For Sam Namiri’s Perspectives on 4 stocks He’s Tracking

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