Model Portfolios

Learn How We Build Portfolios Based on Specific Strategies

At GeoInvesting, we provide model portfolios for you to look through. These stock portfolios contain a set number of stocks based on a variety of strategies and time horizons. Each of these model portfolios are designed so that you can find one that connects with your investing style.

We’re constantly conducting stock research and staying up-to-date with trends and analyzing the stock market to make sure stocks in the model portfolios should remain in the portfolio. Furthermore, we make sure to update these stock portfolios by adding new stocks that meet our certain investment criteria or removing stocks when price targets are reached or if stories have changed. We ensure these stock portfolios have the best options available to our client base.

We have a range of stock portfolios to choose from. We offer contrarian portfolios, multi-bagger portfolios, take over portfolios, run to one portfolios and special situation stock portfolios, to name a few. These portfolios are all unique and suited for different types of investment strategies. 

At GeoInvesting, we offer the best research and ranking portfolios because we care about the success of our clients. We deliver top notch results that provide clients with impressive return on investment rates.

If you’re not too savvy on stock portfolios, turn to our team. We put together research and ranking portfolios that do all of the hard work for you. If you need assistance, our experienced experts are here to help and educate you on our stock portfolios and give guidance on which would be best for you. If you’re interested in investing in stocks, check out some of our top research and ranking portfolios today!

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