Model Portfolios

Dive into Geo’s model (or mock) portfolios to pick a portfolio that connects with your own investing style and help you outperform the market in changing environments. Each portfolio contains a set number of stocks, depending on the given strategy. You will also gain insight into how to build your own portfolios by applying different stock picking strategies that have a proven record of success.

GeoInvesting model portfolios have become a staple of our service over the past two years, and they will continue to take a more active role in the years to come. 

If you feel like you are more of the kind of investor where individual stock ideas resonate with you, please check out our Calls To Action Solution to help you build your own portfolios. We put out about 40 to 50 CTAs a year, and this might be what you’re looking for.


Case Study: NV5 Global Inc – Finding a growing profitable company led by great management early

We are always on the lookout, not only for good businesses to invest in but perhaps more importantly, businesses with proven management teams. In NV5 Holdings, we have found a management team that has rapidly built the company from a start-up in 2009 to a growing, highly profitable, and formidable firm that provides professional and technical engineering, as well as consulting solutions


Case Study: GTT Communications – Information Arbitrage around management changes and an operational inflection point

Based on the success we have had investing in the software as a service (SaaS) space, we have set out to identify companies with similar traits as SaaS firms. One of the aspects that attract investors to SaaS companies is a business model that lends itself to a recurring revenue stream and a sticky customer base.

gtt chart

Case Study: Evans & Sutherland – A Special Situation Billionaire Peter Kellogg Saw Potential In As Company Liability Issues Dissolved

Our ongoing coverage of Evans Sutherland (OOTC:ESCC) is a great example of the kind of hidden opportunities that many investors overlook. ESCC is an idea we brought to our premium members and has persistently paid off for us. The common strategy we used?