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Maj is an absolute legend in the micro-cap world. He is a full time investor and has generated amazing returns over his life. He runs a service called GeoInvesting, which you can trial for free. (I’m a happy subscriber 

~Rich Howe, @stockspinoffss

I grew up reading a lot of @GeoInvesting and learned many timeless lessons. Thanks for all you’ve shared over the years.

~Tyler Dupont, Risk Manager, @AuguryInvesting 

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I personally really, really believe that you have the best personal approach to speculation…best odds by far …than anyone else I’ve seen in my 40 yrs. at this….no kidding Maj… the fact that it is the closest to my own has something to do with it…as I have been hurt so many times that I only take the smallest risk possible in choosing an investment campaign. 

~Mario Rinaldi, Investor

Geoinvesting is the most valuable microcap research service available today. Their breadth of coverage, when considering depth of analysis, is the most expansive we have yet to encounter. Their coverage focuses on actionable ideas. Their analysis includes considerations of timing and most importantly their thesis and corresponding granular support for their views; and they are transparent with respective to their own positions in the names they cover. Geoinvest’s prinicipal, Maj Soueidan, is one of the best microcap investors in the equity markets today.

~David Baker (Videoxrm.Com), Subscriber

Great call. Made enough money on Lakeland Industries to buy 10 years of GeoInvesting subscriptions.

For the 2nd consecutive time I have made a return on a stock pick by @GeoInvesting to cover my subscription costs several fold. Thanks!

~@Riskreward34, Subscriber

Great day to be a paying subscriber of GeoInvesting. These guys are smart. One of a handful of services I pay for.

~Keubiko, Subscriber

Your earnings coverage of small caps is best in class, you have no competitor for real time bottom line revenue/earnings analysis.

You guys wake up early and deliver, which is much appreciated, keep it up.

~J. Parker, Subscriber

GEOINVESTING has a fantastic team that does amazing due diligence to find potentially explosive opportunities in the microcap space. I have tremendous respect and admiration for Maj the CEO and co-founder of GEO. He is one of the most humble and hardest working, all around stand up guys in the business. GEO has had some amazing calls over the years that makes their service a steal in my opinion. If you aren’t afraid of the space and you understand the risk and potential rewards of microcaps.

@GeoPremium I have bought calls based on your report, made 100% on my money, could have made 200%. Anyway, great call as always!

~@Bednar_filip, Subscriber

Thanks so much for the links and for making time to speak this morning. I sincerely appreciated the conversation about stocks and Geo team site’s approach to educating/informing the investor. I’ve taken some great nuggets away and already made some solid gains in my investments. Timing is everything and the trend is your friend but having them both work together is the winning trick. Look forward to keeping in touch.

~V. Gardner, Subscriber

Hi Maj – I wanted to say thank you for the great times in Chicago. You guys are class acts and I truly admire your work. I am now following @GeoPremium. Best to you and I’m sure we’ll chat again soon.

~@Robertointernet, Subscriber

First off, great site — love the depth of info you give out on my favorite sector – micro-caps

~Matt M., Subscriber

Maj always opening my eyes when looking at micro caps…love the chart & the insider buying ! Which is why i own a position since you & the team @GeoInvesting brought it to my attention some time ago!

~@Russelvalenti, Subscriber

GeoInvesting is great! I pretty much check it daily to see what’s going on in the market and have awareness of many more microcap companies as a result.

~Andrew G., Subscriber

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