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These legendary investors bring decades of experience, time-tested strategies, risk management insights, and psychological aspects of investing to the forefront. By delving into their wisdom, you can acquire invaluable knowledge, gain a comprehensive view of investment strategies, and develop your own approach to financial markets by trying to emulate or adjust the many models showcased in the videos.

Peter Lynch
Joel Greenblatt
Chuck Akre
Sir John Templeton

Is Smaller Better? The Pros and Cons of Micro-Cap Investing

Big returns can come in small packages. That’s certainly the case with investing in a micro-cap, the term used to refer to a publicly-traded company with a market capitalization between $50 million...

Planet Microcap Vegas 2024 Conference Standouts [GeoWire Weekly No. 136]

Just yesterday, we got notice that Bobby Kraft made his Top Tier Tracks from the 2024 Vegas Planet Microcap Showcase available on his channel. Prior to the replays being published, Bobby got a chance...

Stock Selling Near Tangible Book Value With 47% to 200% Upside [GeoWire Weekly No. 135]

During our May 9, 2023 Open Forum, we discussed a microcap insurance company that was just announced as our idea of the month.  While we normally do not love insurance companies, valuation, management...

GeoWire Monthly, Vol. 4, Issue No. 4, April 2024 Review

I’ve got some exciting news! I anticipate that Bobby Kraft of the Planet Microcap Showcase Youtube channel will publish some very insightful videos soon. They are likely currently in post production...

Can Lakeland’s Acquisition of LineDrive Turn Into a Home Run  [GeoWire Weekly No. 134]

Given $LAKE’s announcement last Wednesday stating a new “Strategic Partnership” with LineDrive, a leading outsourced sales and marketing organization, it gives us a chance to highlight a part of a...

Unexpected Testimonial Shout Outs From Quoth the Raven and Sang Lucci [GeoWire Weekly No. 133]

A few weeks ago, I was getting caught up with the messages in Geoinvesting’s Twitter inbox. There was a message I had not read yet from somebody who said they found us after listening to a podcast and...