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Daily Premium Newsletter

The backbone of our service: we tie everything together with our daily premium e-mail, sent to your inbox moments after we are finished compiling it, every morning that the market is open.  It includes new and ongoing coverage of stocks on our radar and/or in our portfolios. During earnings season, we go the extra mile to include a filtered list of the most notable earnings reports of microcap and U.S. listed China based stocks in our database. See our latest emails…

Pro Research Updates

Our research updates are conveyed during both initial and ongoing coverage of our catalog of stocks. With thousands of original research pieces and updates under our belt, we have an archival system that keeps the history of our coverage easy to find. See our latest research…

Reasons For Tracking (RFT)

Because we like to provide our members with our discoveries as early as we can in our research process, we developed what we call “Reasons for Tracking” (RFT) articles. RFTs are structured articles of short to intermediate length, highlighting stocks that have piqued our interest for a number of reasons. Our RFTs have often developed into some of our favorite investment ideas. See our most recent RFTs…

In-depth Articles

We’ve carved out a niche in one of the most difficult and time-intensive areas of investment research: on-the-ground due diligence and forensic equity research.  Featured in every major financial news outlet, Geo is a recognized influencer in the in-depth due diligence arena, most notable in its coverage of U.S. listed China-based companies.  Much of our coverage presents opportunities to take advantage of an arbitrage that gives our members a chance to review compelling information we lay out in detail.  See our most recent articles…