The China Hustle

Sniffing Out Fraud Made Us Better Investors

There are two main types of due diligence that we embark on: digging through various publicly available literature and being interactive with company management, other investors and analysts. When combined, due diligence becomes a fact finding mission, and not just homework.

GeoInvesting’s research process was originally geared towards finding bullish investment opportunities through fundamental analysis, coupled with management interviews and literary research.  While we are still successful in this regard, our strategy quickly expanded to on-the-ground site investigations, namely in Asia, after it became apparent that certain market participants were lying to U.S. investors.

All told, between 2010 and 2014, close to $15 billion in investor capital was lost directly because of fraudulent activities by U.S. listed Chinese companies. Only now is the story behind the massive Chinese fraud gaining mainstream traction.

In addition to our bullish research, our service evolved into one that focused on alternative investment opportunities and “portfolio protection”.  As we strived to protect not only our own portfolios, but those of our premium subscribers and followers, the story of The China Hustle was born.

The core of our strategy remains dedicated to long-biased microcap research. However, our stewardship to protect the everyday investor will always remain, as we have a team that can quickly identify fraudulent practices and red flags. To see more on the evolution of U.S. Listed China-based fraud story, please go here.