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Sniffing Out Fraud Made Us Better Investors

The story of The China Hustle has changed the way we, as well as many other investing companies, do business and carry out research. Although many people only know The China Hustle from the documentary, this story impacted many lives.

Close to $15 billion in investor capital was lost because of fraudulent practices that were carried out by U.S. listed Chinese companies.

Because of The China Hustle, we take extra precautions to ensure that our client’s portfolios are protected. Our team is dedicated to site investigation and identifying fraudulent practices and red flags.

Our research process is lengthy to ensure each client is getting the best stocks that suit their individual needs. It allows us to find any red flags or activity that can be linked to fraudulent practices.

We never aim to steer our clients in the wrong direction. Investor capital is incredibly important and we want to ensure none of our clients’ investments end up getting lost.

We’re Dedicated To Identifying Fraudulent Practices & Red Flags

The China Hustle documentary impacted the financial world tremendously. That’s why our services include site investigation. When investigating fraudulent practices, we mainly look into Asian-based companies, since certain companies in that area were lying to U.S. investors. However, we utilize site investigation for many foreign stocks.

Investing is a big decision, and it’s our goal to make sure it’s easier for you. We stay up-to-date with literary research, as well as continuously analyze the stock market. The investors mentioned in The China Hustle documentary lost $15 billion and were not able to spot the red flags and fraudulent practices that were being carried out. Our team is dedicated to making sure we thoroughly investigate the stock market and individual stocks for our clients to invest in.

While our primary strategy is to invest in microcap stocks and inform our clients about these stocks, The China Hustle has a special place in the finance world. It opened many peoples’ eyes to fraudulent activities that occur in the stock market and showed why it’s important to be incredibly knowledgeable about the stocks you’re investing in.

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