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Stock Investment Services

Are you looking to learn how to invest in stocks? At GeoInvesting, we provide premium investment services like investment education and stock buying strategies. If you want to know how to become a successful stock investor, then our investment experts can be of assistance.

Our stock analysts can help you invest in microcap stocks, small cap stocks and more. Whether you’re looking for small time stock investing services or long term stock investment services, we can help you out. Learn how to invest in stocks through our stock market education services.

Providing Premium Microcap Research Since 2007

Your No. 1 Source For Premium Organic Microcap Research Led By a Team with Decades of Experience

GeoInvesting has worked diligently over the last decade to understand and benefit from working in areas that the Wall Street “crowd” has avoided – namely, microcap stocks. This niche of the market, while mostly ignored by analysts and financial media, is still often quietly invested in by many well-known billionaires. We apply our own deep-dive analysis in the space to find pockets of information arbitrage and unnoticed opportunities that have acted as the backbone for our investing success for over a decade.

Armed with a diverse research team and experienced on the ground due diligence experts led by Maj Soueidan’s three decades of full-time investing experience, coupled with real-time data from our fintech partner Sentieo, GeoInvesting gives you the power to evaluate educated investing decisions with confidence. Whether you’re an experienced investor looking for high-impact idea generation or just looking to broaden your knowledge of investing, GeoInvesting can help with actionable insights on a wide array of stocks.

Since GeoInvesting’s inception in 2007, we’ve been helping investors understand companies better by interviewing management teams, dissecting conference calls, interacting with our wide network of investors and scouring financial documents for hidden clues. GeoInvesting provides quick, concise and efficient research instead hundreds of pages of meaningless boilerplate jargon to pour through. You will no longer have to sift through these documents to find the most relevant aspects of a company’s operations, results and guidance – that’s our promise.

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We Can Help You Become An Investor Through Stock Education

investment services

What sets our company apart from the rest is our thorough stock investment education. Besides providing stock buying and selling strategies, we focus on the fundamentals of the stock market. We believe that stock education is crucial for our members to become successful. We strongly believe that we are one of the premier purveyors of due diligence and education on how to safely and effectively invest in the stock market.

Our investor solutions encompass a wide range of premium investment services. Our stock analysts provide model portfolios, premium newsletters and research, reasons for tracking (RFTs) and continuous stock market education. Without the proper stock investment education, it would be difficult for our members to make informed decisions that are in their best interest. That’s why stock market education is our number one priority.

We believe that stock education is what makes a good investor become a great investor. We offer a plethora of learning materials to keep our members sharp. Our stock analysts send out in-depth articles and frequent newsletters. These newsletters provide breakdowns of earnings, as well as stock coverage updates. We believe our company provides the best stock education around and can teach you how to become a successful stock investor.

Although we provide the research and resources, you have to keep up with our findings. Stock investing education is much more than being handed information about stocks. It’s about truly understanding and learning about stock buying strategies, small time stock investing and long-term investing. Our investment experts are always available to help you better understand the research we’ve completed and our premium portal.

Besides stock analyst education, we also provide stock picks and other stock investment services. Our company has decades of experience in understanding and analyzing the stock market. Our research can help you find the best stocks to invest in. We offer model portfolios that can connect with your own investing style. Each model portfolio contains a set number of stocks, depending on the portfolio’s given strategy. If you’re new to the stock world, these model portfolios can help you greatly.

We’re constantly monitoring and updating our portfolios and stock buying and selling strategies to match the trends of the stock market. If you’re looking for the best stock picks today, we can help you find them. If you want to learn how to become a successful stock investor, reach out to our team to get started.

You may be wondering how to choose stocks to invest in. That’s where our investment experts come in. We can show you how to find ideal stocks to invest in, whether it be long or short term. If you are new to investing, our goal is to take you from being a beginner in the stock investing world to fully understanding the stock market and the trends. This is obviously easier said than done. When you learn how to invest in stocks, it can take a while before you truly master the skill. Our stock analyst education and other stock investment services will teach you everything you’ll need to know.

There are many worthy stocks to invest in within different industries. Depending on how much risk you can take, there are many options for you. Biotech stock investing, as well as micro and small cap investing are known to have higher risks, but potentially higher rewards. Since we have been providing premium investment services for over a decade, we believe that with the proper stock analyst education and constant research and attention to detail, micro and small cap stocks offer great opportunities to profit. It’s crucial to stay informed about these stocks and the stock market in general.

Our Stock Analysts Will Show You How To Invest In The Best Stocks

Many have heard about The China Hustle. Between 2010 and 2014, close to $15 billion in investor capital was lost directly because of fraudulent activities by U.S. listed Chinese companies. After that happened, we evolved our services into one that focused on alternative investment opportunities and portfolio protection. This is the reason we believe investment education is so important and why we put in the extra effort to look into red flags or fraudulent-prone companies.

If you’re interested in learning how to become an investor, GeoInvesting is a great place to start. You’ll find that we provide some of the best stock picks today and on an ongoing basis, so you can stay up-to-date with the stock market. We give you the resources to find ideal stocks to invest in, as well as stock buying and selling strategies. We also offer other resources for investment groups and investment clubs you can take part in to further your stock market knowledge. We actually regularly present to a stock club today.

GeoInvesting makes it easy and hassle-free to learn how to become an investor through our many services. If you’re interested in finding out the best stock picks today and every day, consider signing up to be a member. Join investment groups and investment clubs to connect with other like-minded investors and expand upon your stock market education. To get started, give us a call at (800) 891-1526 or send us an email at We can’t wait to help you learn about the world of investing.

Our Mission

To be the premier purveyor of due diligence and education on how to safely and effectively invest in the stock market.

Our Vision

To provide investors of all skill levels additional confidence to make educated considerations in the microcap stock world. Our goal is to help you understand how we simplify the investment process and minimize risk using proprietary strategies, discipline, patience and emotional intelligence.

Our Core Values

Wall Street’s 6 pillars are intended to portray a level of trust and dignity. Yet, time after time, this institution lets Main Street down. By contrast, we have constantly fought for the common investor with our own 6 pillars of trust.


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You Get Everything

GeoInvesting’s premium service includes Calls to Action, Model Portfolios, Premium Research and Education, all designed to you show you how we perform stock research and why we invest in select microcap stocks. Our end goal is to give you the skill sets to become a better investor.  If you believe that fundamental investing is the winning approach, then you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about these services below.

~ Maj  Soueidan, Full-time Investor & Co-Founder GeoInvesting

Calls To Action

Calls to Actions include alerts on the stocks our team is buying and selling. We always disclose why we make our investment decisions. We generally release about one CTA per week.

Model Portfolios

Model portfolios focus on specific proven strategies to help us substantially outperform the market. We employ several different themed approaches to manage risk and provide focus on what we believe are our best ideas.

Premium Research

GeoInvesting provides institutional-grade research that’s affordable to the everyday investor. Unlike Wall Street investment banks, we don’t get paid by companies to talk about them. The GeoTeam’s research has powered over 11 years of investing success.


Let us show you how our experience and knowledge of legendary investors has shaped our stock picking skills and portfolio strategies. Learn how we find winning management teams of undiscovered micro-caps.

Case Studies

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