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Delivering actionable investment ideas on the highest quality microcap stocks

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The GeoWire is a new publication that gives you a FREE inside look at GeoInvesting’s Research Coverage, Microcap Stock Education, Case Studies. Also included are Recommended Articles From Around the Web, Important Tweets, Featured Videos and PodClips, and More. If you like what you read, our Premium Weekly Wrap-ups and full access to the Pro Portal are available with a trial.

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Calls to Action

Calls to Actions include alerts on the stocks our team is buying and selling. We do our best to disclose why we make our investment decisions. We generally release about one CTA per week.

Premium Research

GeoInvesting provides institutional-grade research that’s affordable to the everyday investor. Unlike Wall Street investment banks, we don’t get paid by companies to talk about them. The GeoTeam’s research has powered over 11 years of investing success.

Model Portfolios

Model portfolios focus on specific proven strategies to help us substantially outperform the market. We employ several different themed approaches to manage risk and provide focus on what we believe are our best ideas.

Our Insights

Calling for Gengchen Han of Origin Agritech (NASDAQ:SEED) to Cancel Offering and Buy Shares On The Open Market

By |July 31st, 2022|

We are calling all investors who own the stock Origin Agritech Limited (NASDAQ:SEED) to sign a petition to urge the company's Executive Chairman & CEO, Dr. Gengchen Han, to cancel [...]

Tobias Carlisle Catches Up With GeoInvesting’s Maj Soueidan on The State of Microcaps

By |July 8th, 2022|

It's been a while since Maj appeared on Tobias Carlisle's Podcast, where Maj got a chance to introduce his style of investing and what he looks for in tier one [...]

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Investors Who Use GeoInvesting

Getting the Most out of GeoInvesting

Step 1 - Get our favorite stocks Receive quality research Investment Ideas, model portfolios and education

Step 2 - Interact with Geo about ideas, gain insight through all tools geo offers, research that supports it

Step 3 - Decide to massage portfolio alongside Geo, how you know when to sell. Access to convictions, rankings

The Various Ways We Deliver Content

1 - Premium Twitter alerts/inbox alerts

2 - Research reports/emails/weekly wrap

3 - Podcasts/Podclips and other media/video pitches

What is a Tier One Microcap Company?

We believe we have entered a period where tier one quality microcaps are being aggressively sought out by investors, many of which we have already found and continue to find. These are the types of companies that Co-founder Maj Soueidan built his success on in his 3-decade investing career. In case you are wondering what our tier 1 criteria are for microcap performers, here they are:

  • Long operating history
  • Strong management
  • Management focused on business, not stock price movement
  • Generating revenue
  • At or near profitability
  • High probability turnaround stories
  • Insider ownership
  • Manageable debt burden
  • Ability to grow without excessive equity raises
  • Shares outstanding are not excessive

You Might Want to Try GeoInvesting out if You:

  • Have invested with poor success, as a long term investor, day trader or swing trader
  • Are finally ready to implement fundamental-based investing strategies
  • Have investing experience, but want to get better and have access to quality research
  • Are thinking about becoming a part-time or full-time investor
  • Have invested in passive investments like ETFs and mutual funds, but want to explore stock picking to get more returns
  • Would like to know how to prevent your emotions from forcing you to make bad investment decisions
  • Are sick and tired of watching YouTube “gurus” talk about how easy it is to make money in the stock market

Case Studies

Micro Machine: Maj Soueidan on Nano Cap Investing with Tobias Carlisle on The Acquirers Podcast

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