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We don’t like to toot our horn when we are right here at Geo, but sometimes we get it right.  If you had been a member and allocated $1,000 when we pointed out ZYNEX INC (OTCQB:ZYXI) in June as a Run to One play, you could have paid for a Geo Membership and had a great dinner with part of your profits and still be well in the black on this transaction.

That’s right, we put ZYXI into our Run To One Mock Portfolio in early June, and on Aug. 14 it cracked a dollar.  That’s 2.5x in under 10 weeks.

This is the type of gem we sometimes uncover for our Members.  If you aren’t a Member yet, now is the time to join and get insight into companies that can explode like this before other investors beat you to it.

ZYXI has great company with some of the others that we’ve had success with in the past, and with ones that we feel strongly may perform similarly in the future.

Please don’t let the next Run To One success pass you by.  Take action now and become a Geo Member for 90 Days if you are not yet getting our full insights.

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