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  • Service currently issues one new idea per week
  • Can become a bit challenging to maximize benefits
  • Solution
    • Sana is considering launching an active portfolio 
    • Sana is providing us with backtested return performance data: Results are very encouraging
    • Considering special model portfolio, like “The Race for a COVID-19 vaccine” 
    • Stay tuned
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III. Stand Out Earnings Reports 

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Stock Price** MC (millions) EPS Estimate Reported EPS* Prior Year Reported EPS* Rev Estimate Reported Rev Prior Year Rev
Altigen Communications Inc (OOTC:ATGN) $1.34 $22.42 n/a $0.02 $0.02 n/a $2.90 $2.50
Iec Electronics Corp. (AMEX:IEC) $8.14 $85.30 0.14 $0.14 $0.06 $43.00 $44.20 $37.30
Repro Med Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:KRMD) $10.19 $404.49 0.01 $0.01 $0.00 $6.20 $6.30 $5.00
Rand Worldwide Inc (OOTC:RWWI) $9.90 $311.43 n/a $0.27 $0.14 n/a $90.10 $65.50
Fitlife Brands Inc (OOTC:FTLF) $10.25 $10.86 n/a $1.29 $0.94 n/a $6.20 $5.90
Energy Focus, Inc. (NASDAQ:EFOI) $0.58 $9.19 n/a -$0.04 -$0.24 n/a $3.80 $3.20
Crawford United Corp (OOTC:CRAWA) $13.75 $45.51 n/a $0.63 $0.55 n/a $25.30 $21.80
Sonic Foundry Inc (OOTC:SOFO) $4.45 $30.20 n/a $0.01 -$0.29 n/a $8.60 $7.90
Mamamancini S Hldgs Inc (OOTC:MMMB) $1.81 $57.90 $0.02 $0.01 $0.00 n/a $10.10 $6.80
Greystone Logistics (OOTC:GLGI) $0.83 $23.54 n/a $0.06 $0.00 n/a $19.70 $17.20
Crexendo Inc (OOTC:CXDO) $5.90 $88.59 n/a $0.02 $0.02 n/a $3.90 $3.50
Retractable Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:RVP) $5.11 $167.00 n/a $0.00 -$0.01 n/a $11.2 $7.98

Legacy GeoInvesting Portfolio Holdings 

  • Altigen Communications Inc (OOTC:ATGN) – Cloud Communications (UCaaS)’
  • Repro Med Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:KRMD) – Home Healthcare Infusion Therapy 
  • Iec Electronics Corp. (AMEX:IEC) – Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
    • Love the CEO – He was with the company when succeeded in the past
    • Reasons For Tracking (RFT) – Mission critical has helped them grow through COVID-19; Manufacture in the U.S.

CC Comments:

In retrospect, while we could have never imagined a time when manufacturing strategies that significantly rely on production from the Far East would result in the global supply crisis our nation is currently experiencing, we’ve always believed that a U.S. manufacturing solution like ours, focused solely on supporting mission-critical and life-saving products would be recognized as a preferred option. As a result, on the one hand, we are relieved we’re not confronted with the near-term lack of demand, like so many other businesses. At the same time, we’re reliant upon somewhat unpredictable sources of supply so proactively managing our supply chain is expected to command the majority of our near-term focus.

We manufacture life-saving and mission-critical products, and our vertically integrated portfolio of offerings and capabilities allow us to control the cost, the quality and the lead times associated with the critical subcomponents required to support our manufacturing processes, which ultimately minimizes our customers’ risk and enables success.

The primary emphasis of our value proposition is that we are a 100% U.S.-based manufacturer. We have always believed that for customers who place their priorities on the highest levels of quality, just-in-time delivery and highly responsive customer service, not to mention strict intellectual property controls, U.S. manufacturing offers the best option when it comes to total cost of ownership. Trade and export complications, uncertainty around continuity of supply and now the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed the challenges and risks associated with overseas manufacturing. And in the long run, we expect this will continue to drive companies to emphasize a U.S. manufacturing strategy.

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