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GeoInvesting Co-founder Maj Soueidan today presented a pitch at the first inaugural Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference, an event that was made possible through a collaborative between Value Walk and The Contrarian Investor Podcast. Maj was given the opportunity to pitch a stock that GeoInvesting began following in in mid-February of this year, eventually disclosing a long position in the company and adding it to its Run to One (R21) Model Portfolio published on the Premium Portal.

Intouch Insight Ltd (OOTC:INXSF) Extended Pitch

Read/view the entire presentation below. (best viewed on desktop, tablet)

You can download this slide presentation here.

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Other Presenters and Full Event

You can view the entire event at here with the use of password fXgfFxW4. Other presenters included:

  • Nate Anderson, Hindenburg Research, who presented two liquid shorts
  • Gabriele Grego, Quintessential Capital Management, who presented a short which was down close to 40% and closed the day at around minus 18%.
  • Matt Zabloski, Delbrook Capital, who pitched a mining stock


Disclosure: Long INXSF

Please see GeoInvesting’s entire history of coverage on INXSF here.

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