GEO Investing

Investing Legends

We study legendary investors through previously recorded video seminars and clips we parse from various events and interviews, featuring names like John Templeton, Joel Greenblatt, Peter Lynch, and more.

Skull Sessions: Investor Insights

The best investors from GeoInvesting’s investing network discuss their strategies, stock picking processes and their favorite stocks.

Skull Sessions: Management Interviews

Interviewing CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other C-Suite management, in invite-only live sessions and Q&A formats offers significant value to our premium subscribers.

*We don’t receive compensation or shares from the companies we host.

Avoiding the Crowd (PodCast)

Avoiding the Crowd was a weekly podcast, where Maj discussed topics in the microcap and nanocap universe, an area largely ignored by analysts and financial media. In focus were strategies on how to get an advantage over institutional investors by investing in smaller cap growth + value stocks. Guests include respected investors who in their own rights have proven to be successful within their niches.

Case Studies

Maj’s 30+ full-time investor journey and GeoInvesting’s 15-year history (and counting) comes with a rich case study history we can bring you to help you identify great stocks and lessons learned. These case studies will help you across the entire market cap spectrum by letting you know what type of set-ups and catalysts routinely show up in multibaggers.