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We invited Wavedancer, Inc. (NASDAQ:WAVD) CEO Jamie Benoit to a Fireside GeoChat to shed light on his role at the company and the events we’ve been witnessing over the past couple of months regarding it rebranding initiatives, including the acquisition of Gray Matters. WAVD specializes in software solutions for government and commercial organizations, with a focus on secure supply chain management, as well as IT network security.

Normally reserved for our premium community, we made the decision to make this chat widely available so you could see for yourself the informative nature of these discussions.

The companies we invite are vetted using our own set of strict research criteria, so we know that we’ll be introducing our GeoInvesting community to best-in-class CEOs and CFOs.

We ask the most useful, qualitative questions pertaining to the companies’ business models, not only to help our members understand what interests us the most, but to also help them learn how to develop an interview process that they can continue to sharpen on their own.

To reinforce the utility of the events, we create brief clips from them to touch on certain pieces of the conversation that we think members will find useful.


  1. Anthony Charos

    Great presentation. I am a bit suprised Jamie didn’t elaborate or no one asked him about the Board of Directors he has assembled for this venture. I think it’s a significant part of the story and validates the potential. Individuals with these backgrounds and past wins don’t join boards of micro caps unless their vision is aligned with the CEO and they agree with and can help with the growth strategy.

    Exciting opportunity overall. It’s rare to hear a CEO not sweat about raising capital for future acquisitions. Especially in today’s environment. The fact that management is putting their money on the table as well is also very appealing.. I think a standing ATM would be wise. Especially if the stock somehow goes viral and gets ahead of itself on the valuation side. Great opportunity to raise capital at a valuation you wouldn’t normally get in the private sector.
    Impressive guy..

    1. Maj Soueidan

      Thanks for the comment, Anthony. You are right, we should have dove into the Board a little. It must have slipped my mind, but you are right, Jamie has assembled a great Board that’s fully committed to making this work. It’s not often that you find a microcap company with the quality management team and Board that’s now in place at Wave Dancer.

      Set up kind of reminds me of an infrastructure stock we used to own, NVEE. We had a nice run in the stock from about $10 to $30, but we sold way too early. I didn’t place enough value in the management team’s prior history and that they worked together successfully in the past. Stock is sitting at $100 right now and actually clipped $130. I don’t want to make the same mistake with WAVD.

      Regarding raising money, I think Jamie will only file a shelf when he knows he has an acquisition ready to go. Too many companies try to file a shelf too early which often times prevents stock from going up.

      1. alan honig

        You are correct. I vetted every board member and said their joining was not for show, “these people are there to help the Company grow and obtain Government contracts and confirms the Company
        has the ability to compete against larger well known Companies, like MSFT, who I believe they beat out before.

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