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We invited Wavedancer, Inc. (NASDAQ:WAVD) CEO Jamie Benoit to a Fireside GeoChat to shed light on his role at the company and the events we’ve been witnessing over the past couple of months regarding it rebranding initiatives, including the acquisition of Gray Matters. WAVD specializes in software solutions for government and commercial organizations, with a focus on secure supply chain management, as well as IT network security.

Normally reserved for our premium community, we made the decision to make this chat widely available so you could see for yourself the informative nature of these discussions.

The companies we invite are vetted using our own set of strict research criteria, so we know that we’ll be introducing our GeoInvesting community to best-in-class CEOs and CFOs.

We ask the most useful, qualitative questions pertaining to the companies’ business models, not only to help our members understand what interests us the most, but to also help them learn how to develop an interview process that they can continue to sharpen on their own.

To reinforce the utility of the events, we create brief clips from them to touch on certain pieces of the conversation that we think members will find useful.