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This past  week, I engaged in a Skull Session Management Briefing (Full Video Here) with Jan Loeb, the CEO and President of Acorn Energy Inc (OOTC:ACFN), covering the company’s second-quarter results and growth initiatives. As always, in addition to the full video, clips can be seen at our Pro Portal.

Acorn Energy manufactures remote monitoring products, focusing on industries like commercial, industrial, and residential power generation and corrosion protection. They faced a growth slowdown in 2022 due to the sunsetting of 3G technology, which led to a reduction in connections and revenue. However, they rebounded with a renewed focus on LTE technology and are now aiming for 20% annual cash basis revenue growth.

A major growth initiative involves Acorn Energy’s partnership with C-Power, a company dealing with demand response  energy industry by offering services to energy producers. 

“Demand response refers broadly to actions by retail customers that change their consumption of electric power in response to price signals, incentives, or directions from system operators and market participants.”  (Source: Springer Link)

“Demand-side management (DSM) programs consist of the planning, implementing, and monitoring activities of electric utilities which are designed to encourage consumers to modify their level and pattern of electricity usage.” ( Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration)

This initiative allows Acorn Energy to remotely control generators for power grid support, with the goal of generating substantial recurring revenue. Read on for a tad of Information Arbitrage gleaned from the talk.

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