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On November 18, 2021, Jeremy Young, CEO of Sci Engineered Materials Inc (OTC:SCIA) joined us for a fireside chat to introduce himself to the GeoInvesting community. The conversation revolved around his new role as CEO of the company and how he is working to seize opportunities available to the company to maximize revenue. SCIA manufactures and supplies materials for physical vapor deposition thin film applications.

On Jeremy’s beginnings and transition to a lead role at SCIA:

“…I went to undergrad at Otterbein University with my degree in chemistry, have my master’s in business from Ohio University, and started my career at Worthington Industries, in the tech services lab there, material science, even right out of undergrad, then came to work at SCI. That was in 2005ish or 4ish, And worked as a process engineer…left to work at Excel in a production facilities, did a spin up for them, and some production quality management work. I came back to SSCI Engineered Materials as an operations manager and production manager.

That was now almost 15 years ago. From there I moved in to Vice President of Operations in 2016 and continued to grow the operational side of what we do. At that point, about 2018/2019, I took over the sales department, and really started to change our strategy on how we were reaching our customer bases and trying to spread that customer base out instead of just being as concentrated as we were.

From there, our CEO decided he was going to retire in 2019. The board elected me as president, and at the retirement of our CEO, in June of 2019, I became the CEO of the company as well as president and I’m on the Board of Directors.”

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