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Greetings. It’s fitting that as we cross the threshold to the 100th Weekly GeoWire edition, that we also crossover to a Monthly Open Forum format that we feel will bring more value to you, as discussed in our September 7, 2023 Monthly Open Forum. It basically revolves around honing in on the most important coverage of the prior month to get you up to speed on subject matter that we put the most time and effort into.

This doesn’t, however, mean that we are abandoning some of the staples of the forum, such as earnings coverage – it just means those stapes will be much more pointed. For example, of the 3 dozen earnings releases we highlighted in August, we spotlighted 10 of those in this past week’s event.

The first clip below details a little more about our reasoning behind the pivot, and the remaining clips offered up in this column cover a few other formalities and some updates on companies that have had a lot of air time…


Monthly Open Forum Format Adjustments

Maj discussed some format adjustments that are being made based on feedback from Geo members as well as his team. While all previous content will remain available for this September forum, key points are emphasized to enhance clarity and relevance. Slide presentations can still be used for your research, and GeoInvesting will continue to refine the forum to make it more digestible and pertinent. This streamlined approach benefits both the viewer experience and our delivering timely insights, especially focusing on the most valuable content. 

Growing Pipeline, Growing Team

Our stock idea pipeline is gaining momentum due to the evolving market landscape where quality investments are thriving. He has been waiting for this shift for 15 years, and it’s finally happening, although it involves a lot of information to process. Thomas Burnie, Tim Heitman, and Henry Silcock from GeoInvesting are joining to help navigate this growing pipeline. Thomas has a history of successful research and can assist with analysis, while Tim’s financial modeling expertise and structured approach will be valuable. Henry brings industry insight, including expertise in tech, cybersecurity, and potentially the cannabis industry. Their contributions will enhance the research and analysis efforts as they move forward.

Model Portfolio Format Considerations

We are considering revamping our model portfolio format at Geo Investing for a few reasons. The current portfolios include a mix of stocks from previous bull markets, and we want to align them with the exciting opportunities in the current market environment. We aim to simplify the process by consolidating our model portfolios into one or two, possibly three, that encompass our research themes. These portfolios will serve as a more streamlined and focused approach to help you navigate the evolving investment landscape. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development.

Keep Watching Below For Forum Discussion on 4 Model Portfolio Companies…

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