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The continual evolution of cannabis regulation presents many opportunities for companies involved in the various aspects of the industry to flourish. One microcap company, Zoned Properties Inc (OTC:ZDPY), has been focused on providing and managing real estate for enterprises whose main focus is on the regulated medical marijuana sub-sector. Because it is only in the real estate segment and not the operational side of things, this puts ZDPY in a unique position to distance itself from the minutiae of the actual regulation, allowing it to build the business based on what growers need to scale their operations. In a fireside chat with GeoInvesting’s Maj Soueidan, Zoned Properties’ Chairman & CEO Bryan McLaren expanded on his company’s position in the ecosystem of roles involved with the marijuana sector.

“So for for our company, we are non plant touching. So we are specifically only on the real estate side. We never take ownership in cannabis operations we never participate in the cannabis operation…so strictly on the real estate…very important as a publicly traded company. And we were one of the first publicly traded companies that was fully audited, fully SEC reporting, that approached the cannabis space. I joined and took over the reins of the company in 2014. We were maybe, just by a day or two, the the second company at the time to list OTCQX market. Of course, now we’re on OTCQB, primarily just from a cost saving perspective. So, likely the next move for us as a publicly traded company…I’ll get into some of the details. But, our capital structure, really our philosophy for creating value as a public company…”

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