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It’s been a while since Maj appeared on Tobias Carlisle’s Podcast, where Maj got a chance to introduce his style of investing and what he looks for in tier one quality microcaps, and then in a follow-up conversation on Maj’s Podcast, Avoiding The Crowd, when Tobias got a chance to introduce his new Small cap and Microcap Index ETF to listeners of the show.

This time around, Tobias was again on the other side of the table, and Maj was able to get some great perspectives from him while we gear up to finish the second half of 2022. Some of the things they discussed:

  • Obstacles faced investing in small and microcaps in the last decade
  • More on Tobias’ ETF index for Small caps and Microcaps
  • Learning from historical points in history to gain an advantage today
  • Dark Stocks
  • Looking ahead at the next 5 years

Thanks for watching!

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