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On December 3, 2022, GeoInvesting and MS Microcaps hosted an inaugural C-Suite Executive Summit with Konatel Inc (OOTC:KTEL). a voice/data communications holding company. It provides government subsidized services to low income households through its Infiniti Mobile division and cloud communication services through its Apeiron division.

We introduced a panel of 5 of the company’s top decision makers. They went into detail about their roles, historical achievements and current initiatives at KonaTel. The event supplement that was distributed to attendees can be found here.

The Summit format is transformational as it is designed to give 1 microcap company and its top executives the spotlight for a day. It is by invite only, the company is vetted by us and, unlike other conferences, is not charged a special fee to present to a group of interested investors.

Below is the panel discussion that was attended by a group of our premium members. Premium GeoInvesting members can view more details about the discussion, as well as the same video, here.

About the Event Format and Why You Should be Interested in the Next One

Over the last 15 years, we have shown that it is important to speak with company executives to ask some critical questions that enable us and our premium members to really get to know the individuals contributing to the company’s success. It’s not often that the everyday investor has direct access to management. 

Our live virtual Fireside Chats and Management Briefings have been vehicles for our members to be able to do just that for several years, through which we’ve shown by example how to moderate and engage in informed discussions.

However, we wanted to take it one step further with the C-Suite Executive Summit. Not only did part of our premium network attend a live event, but it also gave them a chance to shake hands with executives of a company that we initially introduced to our community through deep dive research and for all of us to meet important executives we had yet to chat with, who actually worked together at previous business ventures. 

It also gave executives an opportunity to address tough questions, but in a more intimate and casual setting over the course of a day that was highlighted by a morning meet-n-greet, breakfast, a panel discussion and topped off with an18-hole round of golf where you get to know more about the executive in your foursome, on a personal and professional level.

We used the morning fireside chat panel discussion to help attendees get an idea of what the company does so they could pepper management with questions throughout the day. Below were the executives that were present:

D. Sean McEwen, Chairman/CEO KonaTel

  • Founded KonaTel 2014 with 37 years general business and software development experience.
  • International consulting from 2010 to 2013 with various telecommunication carriers in the USA, Peru, Croatia, Serbia and China.
  • Co-founded TriTech Software Systems, CEO 1983 – 2000, developed modern day 9-1-1 system, successful exit 2006 to Westview Capital Partners.

Chuck Griffin, President/COO KonaTel

  • Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Telecom / Lingo, grew to $300 million annual revenue, successful exit in 2020 to B. Riley Investments.
  • M&A – 14 telecommunication acquisitions including Excel, Matrix, AmericaTel, Startec, Vancouver Telecom, Touch 1, TNCI and PacWest.
  • Leadership positions in multiple telecommunications companies including ICG, Idigi Wireless, @Link Networks and iPath Communications.

Josh Ploude, CEO Apeiron Systems

  • Founded Apeiron in 2014 with 18 years telecommunications network and software development experience.
  • CTO for TNCI, national CLEC and IP Service provider (~$100M annual) and PCS1/DataVo regional CLEC & IP Network provider.
  • Founded Ethos Communications in 2006, successful exit, next-gen network, OSS/BSS, software & business dev for CLECs, ISPs, and ITSPs.

Jason Welch, President Infiniti Mobile

  • 30+ years of telecommunications industry experience holding various VP/EVP/EVP positions at carriers including MagicJack, Frontier Communications, Global Crossing, Telco Group, KDDI Global, XO Communications, and Impact Telecom / Lingo.
  • Prior to assuming Presidency of Infiniti Mobile, COO of 46 Labs.

Todd Murcer, EVP Finance & Secretary KonaTel

  • Former EVP Finance, FP&A and Treasury at Impact Telecom / Lingo.
  • 20+ years of telecommunications finance experience at various carriers including Matrix Telecom ($10 to $400 million annual revenue).
  • Managed finance team at Impact Telecom / Lingo through 14 successful telecommunications & Software as a Service (SaaS) acquisitions.

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