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Summary: 344 days of time-lapse surveillance of CGA’s high-margin Jinong fertilizer factory, contributing 75% of CGA’s gross profit, shows it only shipped around 10% of the volume CGA reports it sold. 51 days of time-lapse surveillance of CGA’s low-margin Gufeng […]

Call(s) to Action: Stay tuned for our next short thesis report to be released later this morning. Here are the stories that the GeoTeam is following today… (Please see full disclosures at bottom) ChinaHybrids VIMC ($3.50) – Reported strong Q2 […]

GeoInvesting Presents Additional Evidence to Support Assertions In this report we will present new evidence to support our belief that AFSI’s reported financial statements are unreliable.  AFSI appears to have understated gross adverse development by over $100 million, and therefore […]

After our initial report on AmTrust Capital (AFSI), “Amtrust Financial Servies: A House of Cards?“, Bronte Capital (“Bronte”) criticized the report as a “hit-piece” with “howling error after howling error”. We stand by our report and appreciate the opportunity to […]

On October 7, 2013 L&L Energy (LLEN) issued yet another misrepresentative press release, in which the company tried to attribute nearly half of its fiscal 2013 coal-washing revenue to a second previously undisclosed facility that LLEN refers to as “TaiFung”. […]