GEO Investing

Summary: We believe Lentuo International (LAS) does not adequately address the full spectrum of two undisclosed loans executed in 2013 totaling RMB 250 million  (RMB100M, RMB 150M). LAS does not even address one of the loans at all (RMB100 million). […]

After our initial report on AmTrust Capital (AFSI), “Amtrust Financial Servies: A House of Cards?“, Bronte Capital (“Bronte”) criticized the report as a “hit-piece” with “howling error after howling error”. We stand by our report and appreciate the opportunity to […]

We believe an information arbitrage opportunity exists with Gain Capital Holdings (NYSE:GCAP) and that GCAP’s stock price could soon more than double from its current price of around $5.50.  Attentive investors have an opportunity to buy shares on the cheap, […]

It’s time for investors who still hang on to the premise that SAIC filings absolutely have no relation to SEC reported numbers in the analysis of FIE ChinaHybrids to wake up. Of course, the most ideal situation is to compare […]