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Summary CGA’s response to our original report has consisted of blanket denials and potentially staged investor days, completely devoid of primary source evidence to disprove our thesis After CGA excluded its only analyst from attending its investor days, the analyst […]

Summary CGA claims to have invested $113 million to build out a vast network of franchised retail stores that do not appear to exist. In its 10-K, CGA claims to have 26,175 branded retailers. We have found little evidence that […]

Call(s) to Action: For the last couple of days, we have been highlighting Apptigo (APPG), an obvious Pump & Dump underway.  Today, we are shooting to publish our take on the story since we are confident that the company’s shares […]

Introduction Our opinion regarding the validity of the Yuhe Int`l Inc (GREY:YUII) story has been a volatile one. As the Chinese RTO universe was tumbling down during the past year, YUII was one of the few ChinaHybrids we still held […]