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Lentuo Intl (NYSE:LAS) &  Bitauto Holdings (NYSE:BITA) – a leading non-state-owned automobile retailer headquartered in Beijing, and Bitauto Holdings Limited (“Bitauto”) (NYSE: BITA), a leading provider of Internet content and marketing services for China’s fast-growing automotive industry, today announced that they, […]

Call(s) to Action: For the last couple of days, we have been highlighting Apptigo (APPG), an obvious Pump & Dump underway.  Today, we are shooting to publish our take on the story since we are confident that the company’s shares […]

Apptigo International (APPG) is one of the most obvious pump and dump (P&D) cases we have come across since we began investigating P&D’s in our inaugural report Raystream (RAYS), which now trades at $0.001. Some of the characters associated with […]