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FNRG Being Pumped We will track the ForceField Energy Inc. story since: We received promotional material from, We believe the company will likely have to raise money within the next two months.  From its 10-Q: “At September 30, 2014, […]

THT Heat Transfer Tech Inc. (THTI) is a company that we have followed for a couple of years. Based on previous on the ground due diligence, including SAIC analysis, we believe THTI to be a legitimate U.S. listed business in […]

Lakeland Industries (LAKE) –  Short position Established LAKE (16.98; marked down to $15.00 pre market)–  Recall, on 10/10/2014 we mentioned we sold our entire position in LAKE. “We first coded LAKE as a GeoSpecial on 2/6/2012 at $10.16 as a possible buyout […]

Ocean Bio-Chem (OBCI) – If Falls Below $4.00, We are Buyers We will possibly look to add to our GeoBargain OBCI ($4.92) position if shares fall below $4.00.   Ebola trades have certainly become more complicated as several reports are stating that […]