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Looking for Long and Short Ebola Plays Due to the hype surrounding the Ebola and Enterovirus, we are now searching for related long and short ideas. So far, we focused our bullish Ebola calls on protective apparel and disinfectant themes. This […]

In today’s report, Part Two, GeoInvesting continues publication of the extensive evidence underlying our September 19, 2013 report accusing L&L Energy (LLEN) of making massive misrepresentations in its SEC filings. The public has never seen this evidence, which we shared […]

Article Source: China’s National Business Daily 2013-11-14 NDB Reporters YUE Qi, JIANG Ran, from Chengdu & Guangzhou Reading Guidance: Guizhou Province is expecting to fulfill the national mandate of transformation and updating in coal mining industry with the slightest “twinge”.  However, […]

On June 7, 2012 the GeoTeam published an article on Goldfield (GV) titled, “Goldfield: A ‘Four-Bagger’ In The Making”. At the time of our original report the stock was trading at $1.60. Within our article we made mention of a […]

Renewable Energy Trade (NASDAQ:EBOD) shares (previous symbol CTDC) have risen sharply in recent trading sessions. The stock closed at $1.68 on November 27, 2012 and now trades around $4.00 after hitting a high of $4.39 on December 6, 2012. On […]