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CBAK lost a primary operating asset to foreclosure, which should result in the company reporting little to no revenue when it files its Q4 2014 September results. Loss of asset speaks volumes. CBAK hoped to sell assets to fund future […]

Call(s) to Action: SPCB ($9.08), Digital Identify Solutions –  files shelf which we presume will be used for making future acquisitions and/or filling its growing pipeline of orders.  Just like GTT and IG, if shares pullback we will use as […]

Summary: We believe Lentuo International (LAS) does not adequately address the full spectrum of two undisclosed loans executed in 2013 totaling RMB 250 million  (RMB100M, RMB 150M). LAS does not even address one of the loans at all (RMB100 million). […]