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Magnetek Inc.’s (MAG) decrease in pension expenses as well as improving business conditions continue to fuel a significant increase in the company’s EPS, an observation that was made by GeoInvesting in August of 2014.  Since GeoInvesting’s realization that this could […]

Call(s) to Action: XXII, DGLY, NHTC, VRYAF The GeoTeam offers it own rebuttal to XXII’s response to GeoInvesting’s article, “22nd Century Group: A Lot Of Smoke, Not Enough Fire”.  We disagree with the rebuttal by XXII’s management and stand by […]

Summary Today’s report, the first in our new “In the Public Interest” series, begins to unveil the evidence supporting our 9/19/2013 LLEN report that we privately shared with regulators last Fall. In this part, “Canaries in the Coalmines,” we show, […]

Just like we have stated in other Pump and Dump (“P&D”) investigations, we are comfortable with stating that American Heritage International (AHII) shares are worth no more than they would fetch as a shell company, or in this case $0.002. […]

We believe short sellers have the winning position in AmTrust Financial Services (AFSI). Owners of AFSI should take careful note of the discussions of consolidation of earnings and valuation of assets that could result in large losses and regulatory scrutiny […]

by GeoContributor Craig Bach Gaining an advantage over investors scrambling to gain alpha in the large cap arena can be a daunting task due to the speed and dissemination of information. Share prices of these companies quickly assimilate hidden or […]