GEO Investing

Here are the latest Speculative Pump & Dump plays that the GeoTeam has begun to track:

Animal Health International, Inc. (NASDAQ:AHII) ($0.55) – AHII engages in the electronic cigarette business.  Reasons we are tracking the company:

  • The company operates in an industry that has attracted several pump and dump scenarios in the past.

  • Just completed a reverse merger, the reverse merger transaction was a little murky as the post merger company transferred all assets and business operations associated with its paper products business in exchange for assumption of all obligations associated with that business and the cancellation of $112,841 of debt owing to our prior officer and director and non-affiliated investor.

  • The company claims to already have a vast product portfolio, with “seasoned executives with track records of success in developing emerging growth companies and bringing their products to market.

  • The company plans to manufacture its products in China “We believe that we have the skillset and network to establish strong ties as well as forge new relationships with new manufacturers as they come online in Asia and around the world.”

  • As with many previous pump and dumps, the reverse merger 8k goes into good detail about their market opportunity, the stock has already pumped significantly since the reverse merger in August 2013.

  • Company is in the process of completing a private placement offering at $0.25 a share with warrants to acquire additional shares at $0.40 incentive for pump

Janus Resources, Inc. (OTC: JANI) ($1.20) –  JANI is a development stage company, is engaged in the research, development, and marketing of organ regeneration technologies for use in the treatment of burns, wounds, and other dermatological needs.  Reasons we are tracking:

  • completed a reverse merger in July 2013

  • companies involved in the cell regeneration (stem cell research) activities have often been significant pump campaigns

  • investors may view  the details surrounding the November 29th 2013 financing as a bullish indicator due to a lengthy lock up period (9 months).

  • investor may view the incentive based conditions regarding the disbursement of future shares to certain players of the executive team as a positive element of the story.

  • a good amount of “consulting shares” were given to members of the executive team at a discount to market prices.

The stock has already increased 110% from the time of the reverse merger was announced.  We will be monitoring press release and promotional news flow on this story, neither of which has really begun yet.