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PFHO stock is down sharply, but off its lows…The GeoTeam has added shares. The GeoTeam has added shares of PFHO. We believe Pacific Healthcare Organization sold off after the open today due to some commentary made in its 10-Q regarding […]

In today’s report, Part Two, GeoInvesting continues publication of the extensive evidence underlying our September 19, 2013 report accusing L&L Energy (LLEN) of making massive misrepresentations in its SEC filings. The public has never seen this evidence, which we shared […]

We believe short sellers have the winning position in AmTrust Financial Services (AFSI). Owners of AFSI should take careful note of the discussions of consolidation of earnings and valuation of assets that could result in large losses and regulatory scrutiny […]

Since I began publicly disclosing my investigations of Chinese U.S. listed companies last year I have almost entirely focused on short selling.┬áThis has been very profitable for me since the sector, with the exception of the largest capitalization issuers, has […]