GEO Investing

Summary CGA claims to have invested $113 million to build out a vast network of franchised retail stores that do not appear to exist. In its 10-K, CGA claims to have 26,175 branded retailers. We have found little evidence that […]

As of late, we have been spotlighting the dry bulk shipping industry.  As some may recall, the post 2008 recession dry-bulk shipping industry took a major downturn on a global scale.  The topic was discussed ad nauseum over the next […]

A reversal in extreme negative market sentiment requires a defining moment that can cause investors to act irrationally or just give up. Well, capitulation may have finally arrived. Whether you believe if the CCME saga was an example of “innocent […]

Here is an expanded list of red flags that are commonly used to identify potential fraud, or at least begin the process of vetting the legitimacy of a company’s operations and reporting. A. Financial SAIC documents do not match SEC. […]