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Do you still think SAIC filings do not matter? How about the SAT documents that are not accessible to independent third parties such as auditors? Think again: It is a Game Changer! SAIC and SAT filings matter: Deloitte finally chose […]

What started out as a basic curiosity about the ownership structure of Subaye (NASDAQ:SBAY) led to an on-the-ground investigation into the fundamental operations of the company. Our initial red flags were born out of misrepresentations of ownership structure as well as questions into the effectiveness and potential of the company’s website and “cloud business products” in garnering meaningful revenues.

A reversal in extreme negative market sentiment requires a defining moment that can cause investors to act irrationally or just give up. Well, capitulation may have finally arrived. Whether you believe if the CCME saga was an example of “innocent […]

It’s time for investors who still hang on to the premise that SAIC filings absolutely have no relation to SEC reported numbers in the analysis of FIE ChinaHybrids to wake up. Of course, the most ideal situation is to compare […]