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  • October 2023 Must Read Highlights
    • Bullish Report on a stock we believe could achieve 300% gains
    • Comprehensive Report on a Run to One Dollar Stock
  • Launched new Buy on Pullback (BOP) Portfolio
  • Skull Session Conversations
    • Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:PPSI)
    • New beverage company we are bullish on
  • GeoInvesting Progress and Stat Summarizations
    • 2023 Quarterly Earnings Reports Processed, YTD
    • Model Portfolio New 52-week Highs
  • Research Progress, January to October 2023
  • What you may have missed in October 2023
    • 14 morning emails
    • 5 GeoWire Weeklies
    • 2 Pitches
    • 2 Skull Sessions
    • 2 Detailed Reports

October was a busy month for us. A big highlight was my trip to Vancouver, Canada to attend the Small Cap Discoveries conference. This is something I have wanted to do, but COVID put a pause on the conference, until resuming in 2023.

Our team has been increasing our focus into investing in Canada based companies, so this trip held even greater importance.

In case you missed it, I wrote about investing in Canada here. I came away from the conference with two stocks that I believe have multibagger potential and am working on having the CEOs join us for Skull Session Fireside chats.

We also published research reports on two new bullish stock ideas, hosted two Skull Session Interview video events and launched our eleventh Buy On Pullback Model Portfolio which is already outperforming the market indexes by a wide margin.

By the way, If you’re not convinced that value investing is back yet, the stats below from a microcap quality index I created on February 13, 2022 highlights that the index is trouncing market indexes through October 31, 2023. 

Index Current Return
Quality Microcap Index 25.19%
SPY -6.65%
NASDAQ -8.17%
Planet Microcap -31.26%
Russell 2000 -19.36%
LD Micro -24.09%


October Must Read Highlights

Published Bullish Report

We released a bullish report on a stock with the potential to achieve a 300% increase in value on October 7th. For those who may have missed this report, you can access it here. After having had a preliminary interview with the company, we are slated to conduct a Skull Session Fireside Chat with the company’s management on November 2, 2023 in order to help us gain confidence in our bullish stance.

Our excitement about this opportunity is driven by several factors, including a high GeoPowerRanking and the identification of “InfoArb,” wherein we believe that analyst estimates have not adequately considered the company’s multi-year growth plan, potentially resulting in a significant underrepresentation of analyst earnings per share (EPS) estimates.

Additionally, this stock represents an attractive “BigcapMicro” setup, a trend we believe will define the next bull market. 

Comprehensive Report on Run To $1 Stock

Our comprehensive report on this Run2One stock delves into a beverage company’s entry into certain high growth underserved energy drink markets, its clean capital structure and its substantial distribution network of approximately 10,000 channels that can improve the chances of success of new product introductions.

The company’s asset light manufacturing strategy, low cash burn and focus on sustainable growth has enabled the company to reach profitability at a low level of revenue, which bodes well for when revenues begin to scale. 

Launched New Buy on Pullback (BOP) Portfolio 11

On September 25, 2023, GeoInvesting unveiled the Buy on Pullback Model Portfolio Number 11, designed to swiftly capitalize on mispriced opportunities in the market. The portfolio aims to identify stocks experiencing muted reactions to positive news or overreactions to negative news, which we consider temporary.

We just added our fifth stock to our 11th Buy on Pullback (BOP) Portfolio, launched on September 25, 2023. Before the addition of the fifth stock last week, the portfolio of four stocks had been performing well, up an average 12.58% in 6 weeks, off its high of 20.25%.

The great news is that there is still room for significant upside, given that when we constructed this portfolio we set a total average potential return for the portfolio of 80.58% within 1 year.

Two Skull Session Interviews

PPSI (Management Briefing) 

On October 20, 2023, we conducted a Skull Session Management Briefing Interview with the CEO of PPSI, a company specializing in on-site power generation equipment. Our interest in this company dates back to 2016 when we initiated coverage. The interview aimed to shed light on the company’s operations, especially its E-bloc system, a comprehensive transfer switch, protection, and control system that generated 75% of the company’s revenue as of 2022.

In a previous article, we took a deep dive into the company’s operations, which you can find linked here.

One of the reasons we conducted the interview is to determine whether the pullback in the stock (after its recent quick runup) would make it a worthy addition to our above mentioned Buy on Pullback Portfolio #11.

Beverage Company (Fireside Chat) 

On October 25, 2023, we engaged in a Skull Session Fireside Chat with an innovative and fast growing beverage company. Our interest to interview the CEO was driven by his impressive track record in the beverage industry, including sales and profit records he achieved while working at a top 5 beverage company.

Everyone is looking for the next Monster Beverage Corporation (NASDAQ:MNST) or Celsius Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CELH). However, that is not the way investors should think, so we are not viewing this company through that lens. This company has a much broader beverage product line, and is not just focused on the energy drink segment. Furthermore, part of the opportunity we see with this company is that it is targeting a portion of the beverage market that the big boys left behind.


GeoInvesting Progress and Stat Summarizations

October was spent gearing up for Q3 Earnings, and laying down the groundwork for a busy November, even still we processed 12 Earnings Reports! By comparison, 9 of our covered companies published earnings in the prior month of September.

2023 Quarterly Earnings Reports Processed, YTD

October 2023 Earnings Processed ytd

10 companies from GeoInvesting’s Model Portfolios reached new 52-week highs in October 2023

October 2023 Model Portfolio Highs Locked

To get our entire Tier One quality stocks list, let us know you are interested.

2023 Jan to Oct Progress Stats

*Please also note that year to date, we’ve published 176 video clips parsed from the Investor Insights, Fireside Chats, Management Briefing and Expert Insights.

So far in 2023, apart from daily emails and weekly GeoWire Content, we have published a combined 234 pieces of Premium content (including video clips) across the following segments:


6 Research Reports & “Reasons For Tracking” (RFT) pieces: Articles are in-depth stock analysis columns focusing on qualitative and quantitative aspects of stocks, while RFTs are shorter, concise research on stock ideas. Learn more about our services.

4 Contributor Articles – Investors we invite to publish their analyses on microcap stocks as well as market forces and industry trends that impact the world of microcap investing.


20 PodClips – Audio clips consisting of quick “hot take” follow-ups to management interviews, brainstorms on a new stock idea and updates on current ideas. 

2 Skull Session Expert Insights (via Twitter Spaces) (NEW) – Recorded and live podcasts that feature conversations with industry experts.


7 Skull Session Fireside Chats – Live/archived video events with management to discuss a company’s entire business plan, growth initiatives and risk factors.

8 Skull Session Management Morning Briefings (MMBs) – Live/archived update video events with management to discuss key developments.

11 Skull Session Investor Insights (picking up the pace here) – Recorded and live podcasts that feature conversations with Investors we invite to provide a look at their stock picking research process, market commentary and their favorite stock pitches.

176 Video Clips across all Live Events (Not represented in Chart) – Catch a quick glimpse of some of the more notable clips/key takeaways that are extracted from our Skull Sessions (Fireside Chats, Management Briefings, Twitter Spaces, Expert & Investor Insights, & Forums), then highlighted on our Weekly/Monthly GeoWire Newsletters. We archive all of this material on the video menu section of our Pro Portal.


Here’s what you may have missed this month:

Morning Emails in October 2023

Weekly GeoWire Emails in October 2023

Pitch Lobby Highlights in October 2023

Skull Sessions in October (Firesides, MMBs, Investor Interviews)

Detailed Reports in October 2023

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Why GeoInvesting

We believe we’re in a period where tier one quality microcaps are being aggressively sought out by investors, many of which we have already found and continue to find. These are the types of companies that Co-founder Maj Soueidan built his success on in his 3-decade investing career. In case you are wondering what our tier 1 criteria are for microcap performers, here they are:

  • Long operating history
  • Strong management
  • Management focused on business, not stock price movement
  • Generating revenue
  • At or near profitability
  • High probability turnaround stories
  • Insider ownership
  • Manageable debt burden
  • Ability to grow without excessive equity raises
  • Shares outstanding are not excessive

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