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I’ve got some exciting news! I anticipate that Bobby Kraft of the Planet Microcap Showcase Youtube channel will publish some very insightful videos soon. They are likely currently in post production so I am patiently waiting for them to be released.

The reason I am so excited about their release is because the replays will show me moderating some discussions with the management of some microcap companies that GeoInvesting follows very closely, and bullishly.

During GeoInvesting’s April 3, 2024 live Open Forum, Maj delved into an artificial intelligence (AI) stock screen to spotlight companies that are engaging with or are significantly impacted by advancements in AI. This screening process is part of GeoInvesting’s attempt to uncover firms positioned to benefit from the “AI revolution”, either through direct application or as beneficiaries of the broader AI trend.

GeoInvesting research contributor Thomas Birnie’s perspective on investing is characterized by a transition towards a more consistent, long-term strategy irrespective of market conditions. His investment philosophy centers around identifying high-quality businesses trading at what he perceives as good or undervalued prices, with a particular focus on the small and microcap sectors, where he sees significant opportunity.

While perusing Twitter, I came across a Twitter post by Clark Square Capital (@ClarkSquareCap) highlighting a list of stocks from the River Oaks Capital H2 2023 Report that included a table of companies that were labeled as either an ‘Excessive Discount’ or ‘Wonderful Business’. We recommend that you read the entire update to get a feel on their take on stock idea discovery.

The first phase of our Video Shelf upgrade has been launched, with an improved look and feel, as well as navigation.

Phase 1 of this launch will make it easier for you to find and watch videos from some of the best new and seasoned microcap investors around the globe that have been GeoInvesting podcast guests over the past several years. We call these video podcasts Investor Insight Skull Sessions.

We are also beefing up our Investing Legends video shelf section that so far include curated playlists from Peter Lynch, Joel Greenblatt, Chuck Akre, and Sir John Templeton. There are several others on deck that we know you are going to like.

October was a busy month for us. A big highlight was my trip to Vancouver, Canada to attend the Small Cap Discovery conference. This is something I have wanted to do, but COVID put a pause on the conference, until resuming in 2023.

Our team has been increasing our focus into investing in Canada based companies, so this trip held even greater importance.

In case you missed it, I wrote about investing in Canada here. I came away from the conference with two stocks that I believe have multibagger potential and am working on having the CEOs join us for Skull Session Fireside chats.

We are excited to share that we’ll be enhancing our Video Shelf to more comprehensively display our wide array of videos and clips that fall within the realm of what we’ve been striving to achieve over the last few years – meeting and speaking with peers to compare notes on investing strategies, pitches and stories; screening the web for learning material from some of the most widely acclaimed investing legends like Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett; interviewing experienced management via invite-only events hosted live for our Membership base,