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December 2022, Volume 2, Issue 11


This week, the video component of our monthly newsletter series continues with 5 insightful video clips from Jim O’Shaughnessy, parsed from a “Talks At Google” interview moderated by Saurabh Madaan.

Jim O’Shaughnessy, investor and founder of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management LLC, discusses what it takes to be a successful active investor.  He shines a light on the contrast between active and passive equity investing including the associated risks and rewards.

O’Shaughnessy covers several traits required by successful active investors, including patience and persistence, a strong mental attitude, a focus on process over outcome, and the courage to ignore forecasts and rely on one’s own research data.

O’Shaughnessy also offers guidance from his years of experience as an active investor, citing key points from his book What Works On Wall Street. He discusses the importance of momentum and earnings in putting together your portfolio.  He also delves into market cap, lottery stocks, shareholder yield, and applying long-term data in one’s investment strategy.

We hope that you enjoy O’Shaughnessy’s insights into what it takes to be a successful active investor. Hint, it’s much harder than you think.


Clip 1: Why It’s Hard to Be An Active Investor

O’Shaughnessy shares his thoughts on the challenges of being an active investor.

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  • Herd mentality has moved many investors to focus on passive index funds.
  • An active investor faces two points of failure: 
    • Panicking and selling near the bottom of a market
    • Comparing returns with its benchmark, such as the Russell value index.
  • Many investors base their investment strategy around a 3-year timeframe driven by a “recency bias”, a common investor behavior wherein we base our forecasts on what has happened recently.

Clip 2: Process Over Outcome

A good active investor values the process over the outcome. 

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  • An investor that is not familiar with the process bases all their decisions on the outcome.
  • An investor that values the process sees the importance of studying historical data to anticipate a stock’s performance. 
  • Long-term data, you will get much better information about whether the process you’re looking at makes sense. 

Clip 3: Forecasts

Successful active managers don’t pay attention to forecasts because forecasts are often inaccurate and forecasters put little effort into ensuring the accuracy of their data.

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  • We love forecasts because we crave narrative.  
  • As investors we want to know the future.
  • A study compiled thousands of forecasts from 42 experts that turned out to have efficacy ratings below 50%.
  • O’Shaughnessy’s argument states that we would do better relying on our own research than on forecasts by supposed ‘experts’.

Clip 4: Patience and Persistence

Being a good active investor requires patience and persistence.  

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  • We are genetically designed to want results in the here and now, we need to let our investment strategy play out over longer periods of time.  
  • O’Shaughnessy cites examples of notable investors like Warren Buffet, John Neff, and Peter Lynch
  • Proving through their success that:
    • You can achieve great levels of success by using patience and persistence in your investment strategy.
    • Focus on paying zero attention to all the surrounding noise in the process.

Clip 5: Possibilities Over Probabilities

We live in a world where people choose to believe in possibilities over probabilities.  

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  • Placing focus on possibilities can cause you to panic and have a bleak view of the economy.
  • This focus can affect your investment decision-making process. 


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