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Summary Today’s report, the first in our new “In the Public Interest” series, begins to unveil the evidence supporting our 9/19/2013 LLEN report that we privately shared with regulators last Fall. In this part, “Canaries in the Coalmines,” we show, […]

Article Source: China’s National Business Daily 2013-11-14 NDB Reporters YUE Qi, JIANG Ran, from Chengdu & Guangzhou Reading Guidance: Guizhou Province is expecting to fulfill the national mandate of transformation and updating in coal mining industry with the slightest “twinge”.  However, […]

On October 7, 2013 L&L Energy (LLEN) issued yet another misrepresentative press release, in which the company tried to attribute nearly half of its fiscal 2013 coal-washing revenue to a second previously undisclosed facility that LLEN refers to as “TaiFung”. […]

Article Source: China’s National Business Daily NDB Reporters YUE Qi, JIANG Ran, HU Feijun, from Chengdu & Guangzhou Publishing short reports by American research organizations is also referred to as “Whistleblowing”, and this time the whistle is blown on a […]

L&L Energy (LLEN) purports to be an American company engaged in producing, processing, and selling coal in the People’s Republic of China with vertically-integrated operations that include mining, washing, wholesale, and distribution. GeoInvesting is preparing to file a whistle-blower report […]

On January 31, 2013 we published a research piece outlining our skepticism toward Echo Automotive (OTC BB:ECAU), a company that claims to possess a technology that converts gasoline powered vehicles into plug-in electric/hybrids. ECAU now trades at around $1.10 after […]