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As a quick reminder, tomorrow at 4:15PM Eastern time, we will be hosting a live zoom call interview session exclusively for GeoInvesting premium members with the CEO of Biotricity Inc  (OTC:BTCY). BTCY focuses on creating and marketing wearable medical device solutions. We initially wrote about the company in 2017 in an article named, ‘Biotricity: A Medical Technology Name to “Monitor’. We knew we were a little early to the scene because the company was just getting its FDA approvals and raising money to bring its first product to the market. Please make sure to check Monday morning’s email for an important discussion on BTCY as relates to tomorrow’s live discussion with management.

Please go here to add the event to your calendar and for event details.

The Next SNN Network Virtual Event; Calling on Women to Pitch Their Favorite Stocks

We are looking forward to Bobby Kraft’s next virtual event, called ‘The Summer Virtual Event’ which features guests and speakers from all walks of life who focus on microcap finance. Since Maj is once again going to be a part of the event, we thought we’d do something a little different and invite women who subscribe to GeoInvesting to participate in a pitch panel Maj will be hosting.

We’re looking for 2.

The pitches will be pre-recorded and be about 10 minutes in length. Slide presentation material is not required. Please let us know if you might be interested.

We’ll get a little more into how more and more women are building a solid reputation for investing in the stock market. First, here’s a message from Maj that elaborates on his desire for peer to peer conversations with women investors.

Expanding on this theme, the year 2020 was a transformative year in that a lot of first time investors entered the scene – over 10 million – and seemingly out of nowhere, but obviously due to the circumstances thrown upon us when COVID-19 dictated the way we lived our lives in the short term. Investing gave people a way to explore new ways to make money while on furlough, or worse yet, in the face of a reality that they might not have a job to go back to once the pandemic subsided. 

People look for mentors when embarking on new endeavors. Investing is no exception. Because investment conferences and pitches are dominated by men some might form a subconscious opinion that the status quo for investing mentorship defaults to those of the male persuasion. Of course, you’d be a little shortsighted to think that – there are plenty of examples of women who have gone on to become some of the most successful investors today, be it in real estate or in the stock market.

Forbes’ recent article, How These Women Investors Crushed It in 2020, highlights a group of women-led funds, some of whom were tied to returns that handily beat the benchmarks.

Women Investors Fund Managers 2020

We’d also like to reference a transcript from 2018 that built upon an original post by Maj on how emotion and investing go hand in hand. The transcript was from Lauren Templeton’s Google Talk on ‘Investing the Templeton Way’, which several times referenced how you’d basically never become an accomplished investor if emotions got in the way. Now, anyone would be lucky to have Lauren Templeton as a mentor. In fact, 2020 might have been one of the best times in the history of the stock market to be able to control your emotions, so who better to have in your corner, whether you are a male or female, than Templeton to show you that it is possible, and that there are many approaches you can take to accomplish this?

This 2013 Washington Post article, Behavioral Economics Show That Women Tend To Make Better Investments Than Men, throws facts at the ego of male investors, but nonetheless, in a very warranted way. 

“Terry Odean, a University of California professor, has studied stock picking by gender for more than two decades. A seven-year study found single female investors outperformed single men by 2.3 percent, female investment groups outperformed male counterparts by 4.6 percent and women overall outperformed by 1.4 percent. Why? The short answer is overconfidence. Men trade more, and the more you trade, typically the more you lose — not to mention running up transaction costs.”

Those percentages might not seem like a lot, but when you look at them through a long term lens, they sure do make a difference. If year after year, these statistics hold true, those percentages compound over time, facilitating the path to a wider lead and obvious winner – women.

The article goes on to reference how women let go of their losers quicker, do not generally engage in that macho and bravado competition often found in their male counterparts, are not over confident, tend not to get caught up in moments of irrational exuberance that can cloud one’s thinking, and have more of a propensity to developing a plan.

So again, OUR plan is to find 2 female contributors from GeoInvesting’s subscriber base whose brains we can pick on stock pitches and/or ideas during the upcoming August 17 to 19, 2021  “Stock News Now Network Summer Virtual Event” hosted by Robert Kraft. Please let us know if you are interested or if you know anyone else that might be up to the challenge.

Last event for reference: Stock Pitches Take Center Stage On Avoiding The Crowd Spotlight

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