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This week, we’d like to highlight some stock pitches that took place at the Planet MicroCap Showcase: VIRTUAL, April 21, 2021. Representing the Avoiding the Crowd Podcast he regularly hosts for Robert Kraft’s network. Maj oversaw presentations by:

As you might know, Paul and Richard have appeared on the Avoiding the Crowd Podcast in the past, episodes you can view here and here, respectively. But today, we are focusing on the Showcase.

Maj also got a chance to interview Konatel Inc (NASDAQ:KTEL) CEO Sean McEwen. GeoInvesting has already dug deep into KTEL’s story, as is evidenced here. So it was a pleasure to have Sean on the Podcast to discuss current and fast-moving developments at the company.

Below, please enjoy the pitches and the KTEL interview.

On a related theme, we are striving to increase our interview pipeline. We can’t stress enough the importance of interviewing management, and we think that our premium members in particular have found the speaking engagements with microcap company executives to be quite useful in the overall assessment of the companies’ quality and fitness for investment.

Maj has been interviewing CEOs for over 30 years and publicly for GeoInvesting members since 2015, as well as going in-depth on stock pitches during radio show appearances (for example, ‘The Everyday Investor’ on Money Talk Radio) and exclusive GeoInvesting virtual events. Below is a list of the stocks whose executives have been interviewed through live virtual events on GeoInvesting, The Everyday Investor Show and Avoiding the Crowd podcast and instances where Maj pitched stocks through these venues.

Video Audio Interview or Pitch

* data as of 4/28/2021

In fact, we’ve been at it so long that we dug up a very relevant article that we published in 2016 that outlined what steps anyone can take to conduct a successful interview with management, 7 Interview Topics You Must Discuss With Company Management,

From the article you will glean how to approach the following during your dialogue:

  1. Background & Recent History
  2. Revenue and Earnings
  3. Margins and Earnings Power
  4. Financing Needs
  5. Analyst Coverage
  6. Acquisitions/Being Acquired
  7. Concluding Questions

Maybe you have had some valuable interactions with companies.  We’d like to hear about your experiences. Do you have suggestions on what else you think we should add to our interviews. Any little bit helps!

note: updated 4/28/2021 to reflect stock returns following interviews and pitches of companies featured on podcasts and radio shows

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