We are aiming to give you some more insight into how we conduct our interviews with publicly traded microcap company management teams to gauge our overall interest in continuing coverage. After all, it is a part of our due diligence process that contributes greatly to what we can glean on many fronts. In general, we want to find companies that check these boxes:

  • Strong management
  • Management focused on business, not stock price movement
  • Strong revenue generation
  • At or near profitability
  • High probability turnaround stories if in the midst of one
  • High insider ownership
  • Manageable debt burden
  • Ability to grow without excessive equity raises
  • Shares outstanding not excessive

Our interviews often delve into the above items and more. It’s our strong opinion that you can’t replace written text (ei. Press releases, SEC filings, canned commentary) with the nuances that exist when speaking directly with management.

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