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Unexpected Testimonial Shout Outs From Quoth the Raven and Sang Lucci [GeoWire Weekly No. 133]

A few weeks ago, I was getting caught up with the messages in Geoinvesting’s Twitter inbox. There was a message I had not read yet from somebody who said they found us after listening to a podcast and...

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A brief message from Maj Soueidan, Co-founder, GeoInvesting

Greetings. I’ve got some exciting news! I anticipate that Bobby Kraft of the Planet Microcap Showcase Youtube channel will publish some very insightful videos soon. They are likely currently in post production so I am patiently waiting for them to be released.

The reason I am so excited about their release is because the replays will show me moderating some discussions with the management of some microcap companies that GeoInvesting follows very closely.

In general I was interested to find out about the companies’ recent activities, strategic directions, future potential and risks that could derail growth. Of these 8 companies, one particularly stood out for its strategic direction under new management and its potential for short-term and long-term growth, due in part to upcoming acquisitions. This company has recently added to its acquisition portfolio, which is expected to enhance its future mergers and acquisitions effectiveness. We expect the stock to rise at least 200%, but likely more.

Others in Bobby’s replay pipeline:

  • A company integrating a recent acquisition shows promise for significant growth by 2025, potentially offering a substantial long-term upside based on earnings projections. We see the stock rising from 150% to 300%.
  • In the cloud communications area, there are 2 companies we are interested in following. One is extremely undervalued, provided its new product suite performs well. The other is attempting to accelerate growth through an aggressive acquisition strategy.
  • Greystone Logistics Inc (OOTC:GLGI) is expanding its plastic pallet manufacturing capacity, which might enable it to accelerate growth significantly. My chat with the CEO was his first ever event appearance.
  • Intouch Insight Ltd.’s (OOTC:INXSF) (INX.V) is shifting its focus towards profitability, while maintaining strong revenue growth, which should allow its valuation to expand by 100%.
  • Richardson Electronics’ (NASDAQ:RELL) new product lineup for its environmentally friendly ultra capacitor batteries and the feeling that the semiconductor industry may be entering a new upcycle bodes well for the company. One thing that management lightly insinuated during the conversation was that growth in artificial intelligence (AI), albeit still in the early innings, could lead to an extension of the next semiconductor bull cycle. When I asked the CEO, Edward Richardson, if he would consider selling or spinning off under-performing assets that the company has been trying to turn around for years, he didn’t quite balk at that question, as he has in the past. I thought that was pretty interesting. In our opinion, such a move would to simplify the story, which could lead to the expansion of the valuation multiples
  • Lastly, Heritage Global Inc.’s (NASDAQ:HGBL) CEO was pounding the table that the stock is undervalued and known for its performance during varying economic conditions is in the spotlight for its valuation challenges due to the nature of its business, though its management remains optimistic about its value. Time will tell.

I’ll be sure to let you know when these fireside chats are available for broad viewing, and where.

~Maj Soueidan

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New 52-Week Highs Across All GeoInvesting Model Portfolios and Screens (In April 2024)

*RFT = Reasons for Tracking, R21 = Run to One Model Portfolio

GeoInvesting Model Portfolio/Screens* New 52 Week Highs

GeoInvesting Model Portfolio/Screens* New 52 Week Highs

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Research Progress, March  2023

*Please also note that year to date, we’ve published 78 video clips parsed from Investor Insights, Fireside Chats, Management Morning Briefings and Expert Insights.

So far in 2024,apart from daily emails and weekly GeoWire Content, we have published a combined 99 pieces of Premium content (including video clips) across the segments detailed in the appendix.

As a reminder, in 2023 we published a combined 329 pieces of Premium content across GeoInvesting’s platform.

See Appendix For Content Descriptions And YTD Totals

TYD April 2024 Research Progress

Earnings Processed, March  2023

As we prepared for a more robust Q2 earnings in May, we processed 17 reports in April 2024, bring our full year total to 73.

YTD April 2024 Earnings Processed

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Complimentary: Inventory Management And Innovation In A Post-COVID Recovery Environment- MTW, ACU Case Study

Sam Namiri delves into a post-COVID recovery theme focused on how companies are managing built-up, high-cost inventories and the strategic financial benefits of reducing these inventories at lower costs. He identifies a trend where companies, by efficiently managing and replenishing their inventories, can significantly improve their cash flow and reduce debt, thereby increasing equity value without necessarily growing sales. Highlighting specific examples, Namiri discusses his meeting with crane company Manitowoc Company, Inc. (The) (NYSE:MTW), illustrating the broader applicability of this inventory management strategy across different sectors. Furthermore, he transitions into discussing Acme United, a company that has successfully diversified its product line from school supplies to first aid supplies, becoming a more resilient business with recurring revenue streams. He particularly notes Acme (NYSE:ACU) innovative efforts to automate the packaging of alcohol swabs to compete on a global scale, underscoring the company’s strategic use of debt for growth and its focus on acquisitions to bolster its first aid supplies segment. Through these examples, Namiri showcases the importance of adaptive strategies and innovation in navigating the post-pandemic market landscape, emphasizing smart capital allocation and operational efficiencies as key drivers of business success.


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3 Research Report & “Reasons For Tracking” (RFT) pieces:  Articles are in-depth stock analysis columns focusing on qualitative and quantitative aspects of stocks, while RFTs are shorter, concise research on stock ideas.  Learn more about our services.

4 Contributor Articles – Investors we invite to publish their analyses on microcap stocks as well as market forces and industry trends that impact the world of microcap investing.


5 PodClips – Audio clips consisting of quick “hot take” follow-ups to management interviews, brainstorms on a new stock idea and updates on current ideas. 

2 Skull Session Expert Insights (via Twitter Spaces) (NEW) – Recorded and live podcasts that feature conversations with industry experts.


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3 Skull Session Investor Insights (picking up the pace here) – Recorded and live podcasts that feature conversations with Investors we invite to provide a look at their stock picking research process, market commentary and their favorite stock pitches.

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104 Video Clips across all Live Events (Not represented in Chart) – Catch a quick glimpse of some of the more notable clips/key takeaways that are extracted from our Skull Sessions (Fireside Chats, Management Briefings, Twitter Spaces, Expert & Investor Insights, & Forums), then highlighted on our Weekly/Monthly GeoWire Newsletters. We archive all of this material on the video menu section of our Pro Portal.