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By Maj Soueidan, Co-founder GeoInvesting

We have received hundreds of testimonials since GeoInvesting’s inception in 2007, but our most recent testimonial says it all and has really got me motivated.

A few weeks ago, I was getting caught up with the messages in GeoInvesting’s Twitter inbox. There was a message I had not read yet from somebody who said they found us after listening to a podcast and wanted to know more about our services.

It was a recent Podcast from one of the most popular voices on Twitter, Chris Irons, or Quoth The Raven (@QTRResearch), with his guest and trading expert, Sang Lucci (@SangLucci). Raven used to work at GeoInvesting a few years ago, but we hadn’t really kept in touch since then. I recently ran into Sang Lucci in Puerto Rico, where I usually spend half the year. Sang rents out fully loaded work stations at a spot called Trade Space.

After listening to the podcast, I’ve gotta say, those two are class acts. I’m humbled by some of the complimentary thoughts they threw at me.

It’s stuff like this that really motivates me to wake up every morning to uncover quality hidden microcap gems that nobody knows about, as well as to identify companies on the cusp of high probability turnarounds.

LISTEN TO CLIP HERE (a 2.5 min listen)

Chris Irons (Quoth The Raven):
Maj is another kind of guy. While we’re talking about people that are just absolutely obsessed with finding excellent investments, that dude, he focuses on microcaps.

Sang Lucci:
He focuses on shit that nobody fucking knows about, nobody has even seen or has even, you know, the real microcap stuff.  He actually showed me a platform he was working on the other day…[at the office] shout out to Maj…”

”… I’m just saying like, I worked for Maj for like five years. He’s exhausting to work for, but that’s a good thing. That’s a good thing if you’re following him…just focusing his energy on the one thing…you ever watch those motivational tapes and they tell you, pour your focus and energy into one thing and become the best at it?

The focus and energy that he has put into just identifying potential microcap ideas that have 10 to15 year trajectories out from them, and to find those types of $10 million dollar market cap companies $15 million market cap companies when they’re on the cusp of a turnaround.

I remember when I was working for him, it was when SaaS was starting. So he was trying to look at all these companies that were transitioning to recurring revenue models. 

And you know, a lot of times, those companies, it takes two years, and the financials get all fucked up and like, you know, it looks real ugly on paper, but they come out of it with huge margins and long runways.

And he is just, he’s just one of these guys. Like nobody has to tell him to get up in the morning. Nobody has to tell him to fucking like work, I know he works…”

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