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Even if you don’t agree with our conclusion on Cadiz Inc. (NASDAQ:CDZI) — a conclusion that states that CDZI’s sole project is extremely unlikely to materialize (which we will reiterate with new MWD commentary) — the capital that the company […]

We believe Tarena International’s (NMS:TEDU) business model is seriously flawed to the point that the company’s current pace of revenue growth, net income growth, and cash generation could all be unsustainable and in jeopardy.  While the risks we highlight may not pose […]

Summary A letter on October 5th from the California State Office of the Bureau of Land Management continues to paint a bleak picture for CDZI’s focus — its ongoing “water project”. This reconciles with, and further validates, past critical articles […]

GeoInvesting will look to build a small to medium-sized positions in in two staffing companies prior to the 2015 Q3 results, reports slated for the end of October.  We are optimistic that the investment returns will be worth the buys. Both companies appear to […]