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In our February 9, 2016 email we stated we were working on financial modeling for BG Staffing Inc Common Stock (AMEX:BGSF) ($12.50), taking into account the company’s last earnings report and the full impact of the company’s recent acquisition of […]

GeoInvesting will look to build a small to medium-sized positions in in two staffing companies prior to the 2015 Q3 results, reports slated for the end of October.  We are optimistic that the investment returns will be worth the buys. Both companies appear to […]

As we disclosed this morning to our premium members, we do not currently have a long position in Mastech Holdings (NYSE AMEX) ($8.95). However, we are closely tracking recent developments. Mastech Developments We’re Tracking Prior to rebuilding a long position we […]

GeoInvesting regularly monitors third party stock promotion activity and has identified a stock pumper targeting General Employment Enterprises (JOB), a staffing service provider in the United States.  The campaigns are being undertaken by the usual suspects that promote penny stocks […]