GEO Investing

Once again, the GeoTeam has found an information arbitrage opportunity from China. This time, it involves a non-binding go-private offer that has reportedly been made to China Finance Online (NMS:JRJC). The company has not filed an 8-K or put out a […]

On Wednesday, GeoInvesting released an article titled “China Finance Online: CEO Resigns from Key Posts in China Amid Anti-Corruption Probe.” On Thursday, China Finance Online Co. (NASDAQ:JRJC) issued a “Rebuttal to Short Seller Article” in which it claimed that the “Geoinvesting report […]

Summary The most current SAIC records show Chairman and CEO Zhiwei Zhao suddenly resigned from his positions at three key Chinese VIE subsidiaries of JRJC over the past few months. This development has yet to be disclosed by management. Additionally, […]

It is reported that The Chinese Securities Association is proposing regulations that may directly affect China Finance Online Co., Ltd. (JRJC) operations.  According to Chinese news (Bing Translated) the regulations would forbid brokerage firms from providing online service portals, transaction-related interfaces and […]