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It is reported that The Chinese Securities Association is proposing regulations that may directly affect China Finance Online Co., Ltd. (JRJC) operations.  According to Chinese news (Bing Translated) the regulations would forbid brokerage firms from providing online service portals, transaction-related interfaces and APIs to third party-operated portals.

Online Customer Portals in Focus

JRJC’s business might be affected since it is cooperating with some brokerage firms and has an online customer portal enabling traders to conduct transactions.

However, it is reported from the article that as a result of the proposed regulations, securities firms will have to provide the online customer portals through their own websites or authorized third party channels.  This is a key development, since JRJC’s launch of its online trading platform was something many investors had watched closely, hoping the stock would appreciate in value as a result of its genesis.

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