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Investor Insights Highlight – Thomas Birnie

GeoInvesting research contributor Thomas Birnie’s perspective on investing is characterized by a transition towards a more consistent, long-term strategy irrespective of market conditions. His investment philosophy centers around identifying high-quality businesses trading at what he perceives as good or undervalued prices, with a particular focus on the small and microcap sectors, where he sees significant opportunity.

Birnie’s approach is inspired by principles of quality investing, as advocated by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, which emphasize investing in businesses with a track record of growing their earnings.

To quote a few instances in the recent roundtable discussion (referenced below in this Monthly Issue) we had with him and a few other investors:

“I want to invest with companies that kind of bootstrap themselves and they are self-funding, profitable businesses in general.”

“I used to look at valuation first, when I was screening companies. Now I’m first trying to find very high quality businesses with a moat, and trying to find and pick them up at cheap prices and technical levels.

“There’s just been tremendous opportunity in the small cap space to load up on very high quality businesses. And some of them I just have not found yet. I’m just still trying to get my feet wet on how to effectively find these businesses – the right valuations…”

Meet Thomas Birnie

Thomas can be found on Twitter at @Proveninvesting  You can read his 2020 thesis on Smart Employee Benefits here, a stock that ended up getting acquired for a 39.5% premium over Birnie’s  publish price.

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GeoInvesting Progress and Stat Summarizations, February 2024

*RFT = Reasons for Tracking, R21 = Run to One Model Portfolio

GeoInvesting Model Portfolio/Screens* New 52 Week Highs

GeoInvesting Model Portfolio/Screens* New 52 Week Highs

GeoInvesting Model Portfolio/Screens* New 52 Week Highs

Stocks Rising >25% Across All GeoInvesting Model Portfolios/Screens

Top 10 Best Performers for the Month of Jan 2024 From GeoInvesting Contributor Picks

New 52-wk Highs From GeoInvesting Contributor Stock Picks

Research Progress, February  2023

*Please also note that year to date, we’ve published 48 video clips parsed from Investor Insights, Fireside Chats, Management Morning Briefings and Expert Insights.

So far in 2024,apart from daily emails and weekly GeoWire Content, we have published a combined 59 pieces of Premium content (including video clips) across the segments detailed in the appendix.

As a reminder, in 2023 we published a combined 329 pieces of Premium content across GeoInvesting’s platform.

February 2024 Research Progress

Earnings Processed, February  2023

During January 2023, we  processing 22 Quarterly Earnings Reports, bringing our full year total to 22 so far.

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Complimentary Thomas Birnie Case Study on XPEL, Inc. (XPEL)


Content Distribution Key


2 Research Report & “Reasons For Tracking” (RFT) pieces:  Articles are in-depth stock analysis columns focusing on qualitative and quantitative aspects of stocks, while RFTs are shorter, concise research on stock ideas.  Learn more about our services.

1 Contributor Articles – Investors we invite to publish their analyses on microcap stocks as well as market forces and industry trends that impact the world of microcap investing.


1 PodClips – Audio clips consisting of quick “hot take” follow-ups to management interviews, brainstorms on a new stock idea and updates on current ideas. 

0 Skull Session Expert Insights (via Twitter Spaces) (NEW) – Recorded and live podcasts that feature conversations with industry experts.


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1 Skull Session Investor Insights (picking up the pace here) – Recorded and live podcasts that feature conversations with Investors we invite to provide a look at their stock picking research process, market commentary and their favorite stock pitches.

2 Skull Session Expert Insights (via Video) – Recorded and live podcasts that feature conversations with industry experts.

48 Video Clips across all Live Events (Not represented in Chart) – Catch a quick glimpse of some of the more notable clips/key takeaways that are extracted from our Skull Sessions (Fireside Chats, Management Briefings, Twitter Spaces, Expert & Investor Insights, & Forums), then highlighted on our Weekly/Monthly GeoWire Newsletters. We archive all of this material on the video menu section of our Pro Portal.