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In light of my upcoming peer discussion I’ve been talking about in the last 2 Monthly Forums, I figured that I would use this week as a primer to convey my excitement surrounding the expansion of GeoInvesting’s “Skull Session” events into 2024 focusing on engaging more deeply with investors through insightful roundtables.

Since its foundation, GeoInvesting has evolved, starting to publish its first investment ideas in 2009 and accepting contributor articles since 2015. I like to think that our contributors have given us some impressive statistics: 19% of the 95 stocks pitched by them are currently in multibagger territory, with 3 sitting at over 1,000% returns. Quite notable is the average current return of 85% and an average peak return of 399% across all picks, where 43 percent of their pitches reached multibagger status, with a total of 9 logging 1000% or more returns.

So, whatever way you slice it, our contributors give us chances to make money.

In 2024, I aim to improve on these stats by leveraging the insights of leading investors within and outside our network, focusing on stock pitches that offer cases in which value and growth are at the core of the ideas.

This initiative is spurred by the shift towards a market environment favoring fundamental investing, particularly growth at a reasonable price (GARP), amid higher interest rates and a focus on quality investments. This change has redirected attention to smaller cap companies previously overlooked during the “easy money era” characterized by low interest rates and speculative stock surges.

My enthusiasm for this renewed direction is based on my early career success using the GARP strategy, which I plan to reintegrate heavily into GeoInvesting’s approach. With over 200 multibaggers already identified by our team (not including the 41 by contributors), the goal is to surpass this achievement by staying super focused on GeoInvesting’s core strategies and fostering a collaborative community of investors keen on uncovering the next wave of high-potential investments in the small to nano cap space.

This commitment to collaborative idea generation and strategic investment insights strives to navigate the new market dynamics successfully and discover undervalued companies poised for significant growth.

And that is exactly what GeoInvesting’s first Round Table Skull Session event is all about.

It is going to be pre-recorded, but available very shortly after the event takes place.

~ Maj Soueidan

Learn more about the guests by going here.

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