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Round Table Skull Session No Play

We’re excited to announce the first GeoInvesting-hosted Skull Session Round Table where Maj Soueidan, our co-founder, will be hosting and participating in conversations with some familiar faces. This event has been in the works for a while, and we’ve had to do some shuffling around, but finally have a lineup that we think you’ll like.  We also think you’ll get a lot of value from our guests’ investing perspectives, and of course the stock pitches that they will be giving, gunning for the successful historical returns we’ve seen from from GeoInvesting Contributors of the years.

Maj Soueidan, Co-founder of GeoInvesting and Master of Ceremonies

Maj Soueidan, co-founder of GeoInvesting, announces the launch of roundtable events as part of GeoInvesting’s ongoing initiatives to engage with investors and share insights in the small to nano cap space. These events aim to foster discussions on market insights, stock pitches, and fundamental-based investing strategies, including growth at a reasonable price (GARP). Maj emphasizes the shift towards a market environment where quality, income, and cash flow become crucial, driven by normalized interest rates and tighter financing conditions. He is optimistic about the future, drawing on his 30-year investment career and the success of fundamental investing strategies that have navigated various market conditions. The roundtable sessions are designed to accelerate idea generation and collaboration within the small cap community, contributing to GeoInvesting’s goal of uncovering undervalued growth opportunities and building on their track record of identifying multibaggers.

Jan Svenda, MS Microcaps Analyst and GeoInvesting Research  Contributor

Jan Svenda is a financial analyst and investor specializing in the micro-cap space, working alongside Maj Soueidan on projects including equity research and institutional deal flow. Starting his investment journey at 18 with a keen interest in fundamental research, Jan pursued finance at university and contributed to Seeking Alpha. Despite a brief stint at Morgan Stanley, he sought a non-corporate path, leading to significant experience at an equity research startup in London. Valuing independence, Jan ventured into creating a newsletter focused on OTC market opportunities, collaborating with notable investors. His investment approach, informed by experiences in short selling and a broad understanding of risks, does not adhere to a single style but is deeply rooted in fundamental analysis. Jan’s diverse background equips him with insights into both the potential and pitfalls of the micro-cap sector.

Thomas Birnie, Private Part Time Investor and GeoInvesting Contributor

Tom Birnie is a seasoned private investor from Toronto, Canada, with a 23-year investment career. Initially graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from Queen’s University, Tom transitioned from engineering to investment advising, and later to running an accounting business with his wife. After selling the business, he took a career break to focus on family and investing. Currently working at Amazon, Tom aspires to become a full-time investor. His investment philosophy has evolved from technical analysis to a mix of fundamentals and quantitative methods, and now to a discretionary focus on micro caps, influenced by Warren Buffett’s principles of valuing companies with a proven track record of profitable growth.

Sam Namiri, Ridgewood Investments Portfolio Manager

Sam Namiri, managing the Ridgewood small and micro cap portfolio, thrives in his role as a registered investment advisor. Married with two children, his commitment extends beyond family to managing investments for high net worth individuals and businesses. At Ridgewood Investments, a boutique advisory firm, Sam dedicates his expertise primarily to small and micro cap investments, while also crafting balanced portfolios for clients seeking less volatility. His holistic approach to investment advice reflects a passion for the field and a dedication to tailoring strategies that accommodate varying risk tolerances and financial goals, demonstrating a blend of excitement for the market’s dynamism and pragmatism in wealth management.

Finding Value in Special Situations

Paul T., Special Situation Investor and Financial Analyst

Paul T., known in the investment community for his insightful analysis, is a part-time investor focusing on small and micro cap stocks. He channels the cash flow from his own business into investments, often collaborating with software company owners seeking growth capital. Paul’s investment philosophy centers on uncovering undervalued companies with high free cash flow yields, where management is either reinvesting cash flows for growth or distributing them to shareholders. His approach is opportunistic, targeting companies that are not yet widely recognized, exhibit changes in capital allocation, and trade at low multiples. Depending on expected internal rate of return (IRR), Paul’s investment horizon can vary from a quick flip within 12 to 24 months to long-term holdings, always with an eye for potential growth or earnings expansion.

Some Contributor Pitch Stats To Get You Excited

Since 2015 – 95 Pitch Contributions (Written or Video)

Current Returns

  • 3 stocks currently over 1000%
  • Aggregate current return = 8,061%
  • Average Current Return = 85%
  • Number of Multibaggers currently = 19% of total contributions (18 out of 95), or about 1 in every 5

Peak Returns

  • 9 stocks peaked over 1000%
  • Aggregate Peak Return = 37,923%
  • Average Peak Return = 399%
  • Number of Multibaggers at peak = 43% of total Contributions (41 out of 95), about 2 in every 5

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