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As a follow-up to last week’s primer on the upcoming Skull Session roundtable that was about to take place on February 21, 2024, this week is the perfect opportunity to review the discussion I had with the panel of microcap investing experts to shed light on the nuanced strategies of investing in the small to microcap space, with the expressed intent of idea discovery, case studies and at times, pitches. The full video with chapters can be found here. While theses surrounding about 15 stocks were investigated during the roundtable, today I am featuring 6 stocks covered during my conversations with Thomas Birnie, Sam Namiri and Jan Švenda, the profiles of whom you can find here.

Again, the discussion was spearheaded by an emphasis on the importance of collaborative idea generation and sharing market insights, underpinned by a fundamental-based investing approach.

The conversation highlighted a market shift towards valuing investment strategies that focus on growth at a reasonable price (GARP), emphasizing the need for a meticulous analysis of market conditions and the role of fundamental investing in navigating these.

Participants shared their transitions and adaptations to investment strategies that prioritize long-term, consistent investment principles over short-term market fluctuations. They underscored the significance of investing in companies with a proven track record of profitable growth, highlighting consistent revenue growth and profitability as key indicators of a company’s health. The dialogue also explored themes such as the impact of supply chain adjustments post-COVID and the strategic management of inventory levels as avenues for companies to bolster their financial positions.

Further enriching the conversation, the session delved into the implications of legislative changes, like the infrastructure bill, on investment opportunities, indirectly benefiting companies through increased government spending in specific sectors.

Throughout the discussion, the emphasis remained on leveraging a deep understanding of market dynamics, company fundamentals, and strategic investment approaches to identify and capitalize on investment opportunities in the challenging yet rewarding small to microcap domain.

Ultimately, the session aimed to equip listeners with the insights needed to make informed investment decisions, navigating through market complexities with a multi-dimensional lens.

Select clips can be found below that showcase the diverse theses, with supporting data and commentary, of the attendees with respect to the stocks covered.

I interact with the guests to expand on some of the idea discovery and prod for a little more color to gain a deeper understanding of their insights.

~Maj Soueidan


Skull Session Roundtable #1 Intro – Evolving Investment Strategies and Market Perspectives [2/21/2024 Clip Rewind]

Continue for discussions on some of the select companies that were in focus.

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