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Now that we are heading into 2023 Q4 earnings reporting season, we thought it to be a good idea to tabulate the last several months of company financial performances that we compiled for our Monthly Forums, going back to August 2023.

As you know, we curate the most notable earnings releases from our Model Portfolio stocks, and generally from across our large universe of microcap coverage. Some mornings can get a bit hectic.

For those of you that use GeoInvesting for idea generation, we’ve created a page for you to be able to search, sort and filter for various criteria related

Congrats are in order for Paul T. His microcap stock pitch he made on GeoInvestng’s Pro Portal has risen 44.32%.

On August 23, 2023 Paul made his first ever appearance on our Investor Insights Skull Session platform. Paul, a part time special situations investor/financial analyst, known as @Investmentideen on Twitter, introduced Maj to a UK based company, Kinovoa, PLC. (KINO.L)

CXDO has risen 186% since our November 10, 2023 post-Q3 earnings Skull Session Briefing with the company’s COO, Doug Gaylor.

After this past Thursday’s follow up briefing with him, we think it is a good time to highlight some of the clips from our Twitter Space discussion with 20-yr Telecom Expert Joe Hamblin, as some of Doug’s and Joe’s views intersect.

The talk with Hamblin, intended for us to keep learning about what companies like CXDO have to do to keep growing, actually occurred one day prior to November’s event with Doug and CXDO’s strong third quarter earnings release.

A few weeks ago I was dusting off the shelves of some of our research files at GEO, when I came across a quote I saved from an article discussing the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that went into law on November 15, 2021. The planned spending is quite extensive:

“California ($44.558 billion), Texas ($35.440 billion), New York ($26.922 billion), Florida ($19.098 billion) and Illinois ($17.814 billion) will get the biggest allocations.”

It served to remind me of one of our screens we created but eventually removed from GeoInvesting: The Infrastructure Screen.

We’re about to add a new stock to our infrastructure screen. The screen has a history of delivering consistent multibagger returns.

Between 2012 and 2017, the GeoInvesting research team began building an infrastructure screen to track stocks that will benefit from certain industries upgrading their infrastructure, as well as the United States government’s goal to spend massive amounts of money by handing out contracts to U.S. companies

As we go into another election year, there are certainly going to be some circumstances that will affect the financial markets, but will we be able to predict how? What will the fed position be on monetary policy? How about interest rates…will they lower them three times, as predicted by Wall Street? Will energy prices rise or fall? What will the CDC say about any new strains of Covid? What mundane things will Presidential candidates say that will sway the market one way or the other.